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Infographic: Bringing a smart city to life

December 05, 2017

Infographic: Bringing a smart city to life

Forward-thinking citizens are putting pressure on their local officials to create IoT-enabled smart cities. Cities across the world will be leaning on technology companies to connect their citizens to their towns.

According to CompTIA, 60% of Americans want to live in a smart city, but only 10% of officials feel confident in issues such as cybersecurity for their cities. Organizations that specialize in IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics and other innovations will be in high demand during this cultural tech shift.

Imagine yourself living in the following smart city …

As you drive into the city for a day of shopping, your connected car identifies available parking via infrared sensors. Once parked, you never have to worry about rushing back to feed the meter. IoT-enabled meters recognize your vehicle and automatically charges you only for the time parked.

While shopping downtown, you receive a safety alert on your city app that a robbery was just reported west on 5th Street. You decide to walk east on 6th Street.

Before having lunch in the sun, you receive an air quality index alert and decide to enjoy your meal inside.

After a long day in the city, you board a self-driving shuttle to transport you back to your vehicle. These driverless electric shuttles leverage sensors, machine learning and AI to get you back safely.

Continue your journey through tomorrow’s smart city experience:

View smart city infographic


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