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How Roon Labs is winning BIG with Integrated Solutions

See how our production support turned things around for a prominent music company.

November 08, 2021

How Roon Labs is winning BIG with Integrated Solutions

Sometimes even a great product can be held back by something seemingly as simple as supply chain issues. That’s what was happening to Roon Labs, creators of one of the most comprehensive music streaming services available today. After their success creating a truly rich streaming experience, they wanted to branch out and build a physical hardware unit that would support their software and make the experience even richer. So they created Nucleus, their all-in-one music hardware/software fusion device, but there were issues.  

Roon felt they couldn’t fully realize the potential of Nucleus because they were focusing too much energy dealing with supply chain problems. From quality control to warehouse logistics and beyond, they had their hands full dealing with sub-par operational items. Not the best environment to focus on innovation, to say the least. So what did they do to right the ship? They turned to Ingram Micro and our Integrated Solutions team—particularly our Integration Center—for help. And the rest is history.  

Our integration experts are innovators and entrepreneurs in their own right. They speak the same language and understand the pain points companies like Roon are facing. And they have Ingram Micro’s Integration Centers at their fingertips. Picture sprawling next-gen hardware manufacturing facilities capable of fabricating essentially anything B2B tech imaginable. That’s basically what our Integration Centers are like, and the best part (especially for companies like Roon) is that our integration services also include management of key production elements like logistics, R&D, product support and shipping.  

And the cherry on top of all this just might be Ingram Micro’s financial services, which bundle flexible terms along with manufacturing services to level the playing field so anyone can start building the products of their dreams right now. The whole purpose of Ingram Micro’s Integrated Solutions team is to let us manage your supply chain (the right way) so you only have to focus on dreaming up your insanely innovative ideas. It’s a partnership structure that’s working remarkably well so far and generating lots of success stories like Roon Labs—but what might it do for you or your customers? 

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