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How Partners Can Drive the Workplace Collaboration Trend

June 29, 2017

How Partners Can Drive the Workplace Collaboration Trend

According to PwC, nearly half of Millennials prefer to converse using technology. While chat apps or instant messaging play a big role, so too does video and digital device collaboration that enable the practice of working anywhere and anytime. There are many benefits of workplace collaboration that can be fostered by technology platforms such as cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and unified communications (UC). System ArchiTECHS integration partners can help drive these trends with manufacturing partner technologies and solutions that are matched to the client’s unique needs.

BYOD and mobility have become a major force in enabling collaboration in general and as an integral part of UC. System ArchiTECHS partners like Samsung have introduced solutions like their Communication Manager Compact (SCM Compact) IPX-S300, which enables their integration partners to provide a single solution for enabling mobile device management for up to 512 users. In addition, it is designed for integration with a robust mobile-first IP telephony solution while also being capable of integration with a wide variety of third-party apps.

On a fundamental level, mobility and the workplace collaboration that it can foster start on the network level. System ArchiTECHS partners like StarTech provide a wealth of solutions to enable system design for workplace collaboration. From Ethernet switches on the network level to DisplayPort converters, and a wide range of audio and video solutions enable everything from whiteboard interfaces to laptops and other digital devices as part of BYOD and teleconferencing.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) play an integral role in workplace collaboration as well. This can range from their integration to enable faster desktop processing and network infrastructure to server and data center IOPs—all of which are major tools for workplace collaboration in various forms. Workplace collaboration solutions need integration and manufacturer partners that can provide the building blocks for these systems. SSDs, for example, are driving this collaboration with solutions from Micron, Axiom, Kingston business and enterprise-level SSDs, as well as those from HGST, among others.

Whiteboards are increasingly a part of UC, and there are countless ways that whiteboard technology boosts workplace collaboration. Driving this possibility requires that integration partners have the use and design possibilities, as well as the skills and relationships with manufacturer partners, to make it a reality. Using interactive whiteboard capabilities is now integral to workplace collaboration among businesses in every sector. With an interactive whiteboard, team members at each site can view and edit the work in real time. Integrated video capabilities let workers see each other and collaborate easily.

System ArchiTECHS partner solutions like Samsung Interactive Whiteboards can form the nucleus of a whiteboard system. System ArchiTECHS integration partners can then add manufacturing partner solutions like Intel Pro Wireless Display technology. The mobility collaboration component can be added via Intel Core vPro processor–enabled adapters.

Workplace collaboration is a trend with infinite possibilities, uses, and definitions from client businesses. In order to help drive that trend toward useful solutions, integration and manufacturing partners must also work collaboratively in order to provide end-to-end solutions that fit specific needs.