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Harnessing AI before it harnesses us

February 12, 2020

Harnessing AI before it harnesses us
We all know artificial intelligence (AI) is eventually going to take over the world and enslave us all. But before that happens, there’s another AI revolution already taking place. And no, this one doesn’t include killer robots, but instead killer apps that businesses all over the world are harnessing to make themselves, or the clients they serve, more efficient. With that in mind, let’s check out a few examples of general artificial intelligence being used by businesses today:
Digital decision-making
Businesses everywhere are rushing to digitally transform and adapt to the modern digital age before they’re left behind. Each decision they make along the way is critical because the wrong choice could result in setbacks costing them years and millions of dollars. AI lets businesses quickly analyze huge amounts of data to uncover solutions to difficult problems, like headcount imbalance or what to expect in the future. AI-powered solutions like accurate forecasting ensure companies are better prepared for almost any outcome.
Making the ‘robots’ do it
There’s nothing more boring than repetitive tasks. And when it comes to modern businesses, there are potentially millions of repetitive tasks that need to get done. The best part about AI? It doesn’t get bored. By using AI to automate the ‘high-touch’ processes, IT personnel can be freed up to focus on work that requires critical thinking and decision-making—i.e., stuff that AI can’t do ... yet. Automation is one of the most cost-effective ways AI can be deployed to improve data center management and resource management.
Getting personal
There’s more customer data and user data than there’s ever been, and trying to analyze all of that information with traditional means would take forever. But thanks to AI, that data can be analyzed quickly and in complex ways. Retailers can now create individual customer profiles based on prior behavior and then forecast what to offer them in the future. This allows for better solutions, more relevant content and sales strategies that actually work.
You down with IoT?
Another modern approach to artificial intelligence is pairing it with information created by IoT devices. Data from computers, mobile devices, smartwatches—even refrigerators—is now being analyzed to uncover solutions that create a better customer experience. Perhaps the most interesting way AI is being used by businesses is the analysis of biometric data gathered by smartwatches. While these devices can't replace a doctor, their software continues to improve. Thanks to AI, smartwatches may even be able to accurately diagnose serious health conditions, thus saving lives—so they can one day be enslaved....

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