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Checklist: Build a show-off gamer setup that makes your friends jealous and sad

September 30, 2019

Checklist: Build a show-off gamer setup that makes your friends jealous and sad
Gamers are a different breed. Performance isn’t enough for them. Many will admit they treat their home battlestations as show pieces for humbling their gamer friends. Like the owner of the coolest car at the car meet, “show-off gamers” live for the glory of knowing they have a better setup than you.
We asked our own experts for their ultimate setup, and here are the aggregate answers:
Show-off gamer setup checklist:
☑   Liquid cooling
Enable rapid heat removal to preserve your components and maximize performance—quietly. Get unmatched thermal performance without the noise pollution.
 1440p resolution
Many call 1440p resolution the sweet spot for gaming. Yup, it offers more pixels than 1080p but doesn’t kill your GPU. Oh yeah, and it looks really, really good.
 RGB gaming mouse
Wanna get flashy? Invest in a 16,000 DPI, ergonomic mouse with responsive tracking, high accuracy and ultimate comfort.
 Insane storage
Leverage your build with 500GB SSD and 4TB HDD. Store all your games and media—with room to grow.
 Mechanical RGB keyboard
Each click is oddly satisfying when you have multifunction macro keys with custom mechanical switches.
 Ray tracing
Real-time ray tracing (and machine learning) can be yours with an RTX 2080 graphics card. Get the most realistic rendering of light, shadow, colors and reflections.
 Overclocked everything
We recommend a top i9 processor, an overclocked-compatible GPU and an overclocked-compatible motherboard (with tons of room for upgrades and expansion).
 Stand-alone VR headset with tracking
Get lost in your virtual world. Invest in a fully immersive, untethered headset with built-in position tracking (no smartphone required).
 Industrial-grade chair
The most durable gamers are the most comfortable gamers. It’s worth it to spend big on an ergonomic, wired, motorized chair with tilting capabilities.
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