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Benefits Of SSD – An SSD Primer for Partners

August 25, 2017

Benefits Of SSD – An SSD Primer for Partners

In this day and age, a partner is bombarded with information about the most impressive new developments in computing technology; from storage to services, and from motherboards to memory. With the rate of technological advancement moving at a breakneck pace, a partner can sometimes struggle with separating the long-haul technological innovations from the flash-in-the-pan fads.

But partners selling storage solutions can rest assured that SSDs are here to stay. All signs point to their increasing prevalence and popularity. If you’re a partner and you’re asking yourself if selling SSDs is really the best investment of your resources, and if it’s going to yield the kind of long-term, profitable sales relationships you want, there’s no question: SSDs are the way to go. This primer on the benefits of SSD will tell you why.

SSDs Are on the Cutting Edge, Right Where Partners Want to Be

A partner wants to be simultaneously focused on what’s hot now and what’s going to be hot in the future. SSDs fit the bill for both. The incredible speed, impressively small size, and extreme durability of SSDs have been their big selling points since they hit the market. These advantages are only becoming more valuable and suited to our daily computing needs, as data we process becomes bulkier and the programs we use demand more drive resources.

This means that SSDs are going to be the storage technology that clients—and their customers —will be asking about well into the foreseeable future. Because demand for SSDs is only growing, carving out knowledge and sales experience in this area, and the expertise to guide your clients to the best solutions for their needs, is a great way to ensure long and profitable partnerships.

Tech Innovations Are Pushing SSDs Faster and Further than Ever Before

Not too long ago, the speed of SSDs was limited by SATA controller technology, which had been created with the demands of an HDD in mind. However new innovations in controller technology are allowing SSDs to max out their speed potential. So, there is no longer always a pace-car causing drive performance to bottleneck.

The drives themselves are likewise moving forward technologically. New ways of organizing flash memory is allowing for drives that are physically smaller and even faster. The amount of development going into the technology and the correspondingly rapid improvement in SSD quality indicates that even if clients are on the fence about SSDs at the moment, it’s what they’ll be looking for soon.

SSDs Have Become the Gold Standard in Certain Markets

SSDs are already preferred to HDDs in some areas. The gamer market, for instance, requires lightning-fast drive access to facilitate increasingly complex and technologically demanding video games. In professional settings, graphic designers must manipulate huge files with programs that frequently access the hard drive without slowdowns or crashes. SSDs are already what potential clients are looking for if they are serving customer bases like this.

SSDs May Soon Gain Traction Elsewhere

Although HDDs remain in widespread use on the enterprise level as servers because of the price point, the higher storage capacities at the top end, and other advantages, this may not always be the case. For instance, capacity-wise, though manufacturers are working on bringing 10TB HDDs to market, SSDs are no longer that far behind, with 4TB and even 6TB SSDs hitting the shelves. Although both drive types have their place at present, we may someday see SSDs become the option of choice in areas where HDDs are currently the favorite.  

Being Ahead of the Game Puts a Partner Right on Target

Being at the forefront of a burgeoning trend is important to a profitable sales relationship. Getting in on SSD technology now means having one foot in the future of storage solutions, thus ensuring partnerships that will go the long haul.

In what new areas are you seeing SSDs become popular?