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Announcing the Ingram Micro IoT Marketplace

March 13, 2019

Announcing the Ingram Micro IoT Marketplace
Ingram Micro launches IoT Marketplace, a new comprehensive platform for IoT sales and enablement
If you’re a reseller or vendor who’s looking to grow your IoT business, we have some good news for you: the launch of our new IoT marketplace was just announced at Cloud Summit in San Diego.
“This self-service platform gives you one-stop access to the expertise, experience and technology packages to successfully market, sell and support IoT solutions,” explains Eric Hembree, Ingram Micro’s director of IoT for the U.S. ”We believe that having everything you need in one place will be a huge advantage—and a welcome alternative to having to visit multiple websites to create one solution.”
The IoT marketplace features a wide variety of IoT solutions, kits and components from a broad range of vendor partners. It also offers access to a host of sales-enablement, deployment and training resources that can make a critical difference in helping you serve your customers.
IoT presents a huge opportunity for resellers
The IoT market is expanding fast and expected to grow to reach over $1 trillion by next year. Along with this meteoric rise, there’s an increasing demand for IoT-related consulting and integration services. IDC expects expenditures for these services will total about $14.3 billion over the next three years.
Realizing the scope of this opportunity, Ingram Micro is committed to offering you all the guidance and resources you need to meet your customers’ IoT requirements. That’s why we created our IoT marketplace.

Ingram Micro takes a unique approach to IoT
“It takes planning, execution and ongoing management to maximize the value of IoT, and choosing the right go-to-market partner is critical to your success and the customer experience,” says Hembree.
Unlike other distributors who simply offer long line cards of sensors and components, Ingram Micro focuses on solutions that address customers’ specific business problems and leverage all our core competencies—hardware fulfillment, mobility and cloud—to help you address them.
Since our offerings are focused on solving business problems, we aggregate our portfolio around key verticals (agriculture, city, construction, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing/industrial and retail) and the IoT-related use cases that are specific
to that industry.

To help fill any gaps in your IoT offerings, Ingram Micro also offers resources to facilitate assessment, design, deployment, management and disposal. And our training courses can help you gain the expertise you need to position yourself as an IoT expert.
Whether you source components separately from different vendors or go the end-to-end solution route, Ingram Micro can make the IoT sales, procurement and implementation process easier for you, with resources to help you every step of the way.
However you look at it, IoT is complicated. Our new IoT marketplace will help simplify things for you. And Ingram Micro is ready to support you in your efforts to grow your
IoT business. If you’d like to start a conversation, email us.lot@ingrammicro.com.

We look forward to working with you.