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4 costly mistakes to avoid when building data centers

December 12, 2019

4 costly mistakes to avoid when building data centers
“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
This quote by L.M. Montgomery can easily be applied to building data centers. Why? Because plenty of people and companies have burned serious cash by doing it wrong.
Fortunately, our experts have the following words of wisdom for your future data center projects.
Data center blunders to avoid
1) Only considering speeds and feeds
Not long ago, we were living in the golden age of OEM. Everything was on-prem. It was a big deal for companies to say, “Our data center runs at this speed.” Today, we’re nearly software-agnostic, so it’s not all about OEM and on-prem hardware. Cloud and hybrid cloud environments have taken some of the focus away from in-house speeds and feeds.
In short, dedicating all your resources to them will ultimately hurt your bottom line. Don’t get us wrong, speeds and feeds are important, but in the modern data center, it’s not all about the parts, but the sum of them all. We need to think about the aggregate, as you’ll see below.
2) Ignoring hybrid and cloud
Hybrid and cloud solutions are both critical for meeting customer expectations in this age of data. As one of our pros shared, “End users these days have millennial expectations—they want everything and they want it now.” (He can say this because he’s a millennial.) Cloud and hybrid environments make this possible. You also get to test, break and fix stuff in the cloud, which is less of a risk than real-world testing.
3) Wasting money on cores
If one of our customers simply wants to add cores, our team makes sure they’re not overinvesting in cores and underinvesting in off-prem options. For example, if you buy 100 cores to speed up multitasking, but only use two of them, that’s 98 wasted cores. The use of cores is dependent on the software, and the cloud enables you to optimize them.
4) Not checking with your IT distributor
In the spirit of only making shameless plugs that we can back up, Ingram Micro’s size and expertise make us invaluable to our data center customers—we can do everything covered in this blog. No matter your stage in the data center journey, our consultants meet you where you are. Also, we save organizations from investing in technology they don’t need. We can customize the perfect combination of on-prem, cloud or hybrid.
Not sure what to do with your data? Call us. We can do BTC (Business Transformation Center) walkthroughs and show on dashboards how that data can be optimized. If we’re building your data center from the ground up, we take care of everything, test it and make sure it’s correct out of the gate. If you’re later in the journey, we can modify your data center or act as a validation piece.
Also, it doesn’t hurt that Ingram Micro has one of the largest cloud marketplaces in the world.
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