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3 ways SMBs must change in a post-pandemic world

November 13, 2020

3 ways SMBs must change in a post-pandemic world
To say COVID-19 has caused rapid change in the industry would be a criminal understatement. SMBs everywhere are facing the same choice: adapt or go out of business. And as everyone scrambles to adapt to today’s new normal, it can be easy to lose sight of one important thing: adapting for tomorrow. While we all have to figure out how to thrive now, companies can save time and money by building and buying integrated solutions that will last them three to five years instead of one or two. If you’re looking to get (way) ahead of the competition, check out these three ways companies can adapt for today and tomorrow.
#1) Diversify
Having success selling certain SKUs is a great feeling, and most resellers’ instinct is to keep selling what customers are buying. This is the quintessential “buy for today” mentality. You might ask, “what’s wrong with giving customers what they want?” But the better question is what’s wrong with giving customers what they’re going to want?
It’s in your best interest to diversify your product line with a mix of today’s best option combined with what’s going to be tomorrow’s best option. Planning ahead to provide products that are always relevant and valuable not only encourages brand loyalty, it can also make you a lot more money.
#2) Stock
Once you’ve sat down and figured out what products you want to invest in, the next challenge is making sure you have enough product on hand for the foreseeable future. Stocking product might seem like a mundane (though necessary) operation, but it has made all the difference for many companies during the recent pandemic.
Those who were able to secure stock of items that quickly became essential during this time (for example: thermal imaging cameras or NFC hardware) have been able to thrive. Anyone attempting to stock those items now will find it difficult to say the least. The coveted key differentiator is knowing and stocking what customers will need.
#3) Embrace the cloud
Even before 2020, cloud adoption was on the rise, but not nearly enough for some businesses. Some companies that already use cloud technology don’t understand that they can still benefit from using it more. Especially in a socially distanced world, being able to add new server space or computing power, while avoiding physical installations or support visits, is beyond convenient.
Then, there are the same old cloud selling points: reduced setup cost, reduced maintenance costs, instant setup, no huge hardware purchases or the headache of installation logistics. Cloud is all about what you want, when you want it—and during a time like this, instant access to such a reliable and versatile resource could prove invaluable to those who capitalize on it.
For more information on how SMBs can leverage integrated solutions to adapt and thrive in today’s volatile business climate, contact the experts at Ingram Micro.


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