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3 VAR Sales Tips for Earning Higher ROI

August 16, 2017

3 VAR Sales Tips for Earning Higher ROI

In order to stay competitive in the current channel environment, VARs are quickly learning that they must do more than simply offer services. They need to offer customized solutions that address specific customer business objectives. With that in mind, here are three VAR sales tips for earning higher ROI in an evolving industry.

TIP #1: Stronger Vendor Partnerships and Increased VAR-to-VAR Partnerships

Not all VARs take full advantage of the training provided by vendor partners. While it’s important to hire experts in the solutions of vendor partners, it’s an ongoing investment in more training that can bring increased ROI. It’s not enough to understand how a product works. Successful partners also know how the products solve specific problems.

That means training to become an expert in how particular industries can best utilize the vendor’s products. This goes to the foundational understanding of knowing the business verticals before the relationship with a client begins.

In addition, VAR-to-VAR partnerships can broaden the ability for each VAR to offer a larger palette of services as well as a way to grow their reach into new markets. In other words, the companies cooperate to obtain professional services, solutions, and markets that would not have been accessible to them otherwise.

TIP #2: Become a Complete Solutions Provider

Today, clients are looking for a single source of knowledge and services that can grow with them. By offering total solutions rather than singular products or services, VARs can become more valuable to their clients and simultaneously increase VAR sales.

The goal is to bundle logical groups of products into complete solutions that drive comprehensive strategies. This enables VARs to become trusted advisers and problem-solvers that can anticipate the shifting needs of clients via more holistic solutions and services.

From the cloud stack and virtualization to the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and beyond, VARs that become complete solution providers can significantly strengthen their position in the marketplace and stand out from their competitors. For example, becoming an expert in unified communications and collaboration (UCC), or more specifically in video conferencing, can be the foundation of an entire branch of a VAR’s business model.

TIP #3: Make Security and Data Governance an Integrated Offering

With the increased reliance on the cloud stack, the IoT, and virtualization, among other digital business drivers, it seems as though nearly every technology or platform implementation has a distinct security component. VARs should be integrating security planning and solutions into every service that they offer in order to strengthen their relationships with clients and increase ROI.

Data governance is a chief concern for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises, so VARs that are positioned to act as virtual CIOs and CSIOs for their clients can provide support and guidance that lead to stronger relationships and increased VAR sales. Many industries face overlapping, maybe even conflicting, compliance requirements. By becoming an expert in the technology solutions as well as the evolving compliance and regulatory landscape, VARs can help clients sort through it all and increase their value to the client.

Every day, the channel is evolving in ways that present new opportunities and new hurdles to VAR sales and profitability. One thing will remain constant: It will always be about serving your clients with solutions and sound consulting that can help them reach their goals. In order to achieve that goal, VARs must always strive to reinvest in education, partnerships, and the exploration of new business opportunities. While this takes time and effort in the near term, the higher ROI will continue to pay off well into the future.