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3 of the coolest (and most reliable) business transformation solutions

March 08, 2021

3 of the coolest (and most reliable) business transformation solutions
The business world is always abuzz with, well, buzzwords. One you’ll no doubt hear thrown around a lot today is business transformation. What is that and why should you care? Well, business transformation is surprisingly exactly what it sounds like: it’s a process that (usually via technology) changes a way a company operates for the better. And you should care because it’s one of the most impactful ways you can help your customers reinvent their go-to-market strategies for the modern age. While there are any number of ways a business can remake itself, here are some of the coolest, most-proven business transformation solutions we’ve seen.

#1 - IoT
Some of the coolest examples of modern technology and some of the most transformative technical avenues for any business are found in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Why is IoT so powerful? Because it leverages 2 of the most prevalent factors in modern society: the growing number of connected devices and the data they generate. For example, imagine you have a customer with a brick-and-mortar location containing physical inventory. By installing hardware sensors and marrying that with inventory tracking software, the business can easily understand the rate SKUs are moving and use that to adjust strategy, make predictions, etc.

#2 - Cloud
Cloud technology is also potentially transformative thanks to its unmatched flexibility. Essentially, any hardware/software configuration can be created and run in the cloud. This is especially important for smaller businesses that wouldn’t normally have the hardware or software—or IT team—to implement programs with high upfront costs (think DevOps). There’s also the freedom to leverage on-prem, off-prem or hybrid architectures as necessary. Cloud lets you add or remove these solutions at your leisure, seemingly instantly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This agility ultimately translates to faster, more reliable services for end users, which means everybody wins.

#3 - 3D printing
The frontier of hardware fabrication in possibly every manufacturing front is 3D printing. There really seems to be no limit to what 3D printers could one day assemble, from whole houses to food we can eat. How can that transform a business? Imagine a scenario where current production timelines could be cut down ten-fold or more. Products could go from scanning and imaging to fully fabricated finished products in under 24 hours. This could radically change the way everything from oil and gas infrastructure to prototypes for concept cars is made.

From a technology angle, 3D printing could be used in data centers and elsewhere to reproduce rare, unique or legacy hardware should it break and you are unable to purchase it anywhere else. Imagine scanning, imaging and printing rare hardware replicas in a single day that were previously thought to be irreplaceable. If that sort of capability doesn’t transform a business, it’s hard to imagine what else would.

For more information on business transformation and how to choose the solutions that will be the most impactful for your customers’ go-to-market strategies, contact the experts at Ingram Micro.


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