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3 hot remote work solutions for enterprise

October 07, 2021

3 hot remote work solutions for enterprise
The age of remote work is upon us. What was once a fringe benefit that only existed inside the most forward-thinking startups (and in the imaginations of employees everywhere) is now a requirement for any business’s ability to compete, if not survive. And with the largest companies in the world now embracing hybrid and remote work environments, innovations are certain to abound that make this new way of working more efficient for enterprises everywhere. With that said, here are three remote solutions enterprises are using with great results: 
#1 - MDM + BYOD
Computer hardware is very expensive and hard to come by due to resource shortages in the chip market. And the cost to provide computers to an entire workforce can be prohibitive at scale. A great solution to this problem is pairing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program with mobile device management (MDM) software. MDM is nothing new—in fact, most companies that supply hardware to their employees install some type of management software on those devices. But the idea of pairing MDM with a BYOD program is relatively new and can potentially save a lot of money. MDM also ensures the employee devices stay current with the latest security patches and software updates while allowing companies to track devices if they are ever lost or stolen.
 #2 – Maximum cloud
Maybe a business is already using MDM and BYOD, but there are still performance issues due to hardware limitations, whether it’s company or employee-supplied. The answer? The cloud. Even low-end laptops can run a virtual desktop interface (VDI) which—thanks to the cloud—can give each employee access to any software imaginable and best hardware to run it. Relying on cloud computing in this way keeps hardware overhead to a minimum, and many cloud contracts are also scalable, so companies only pay for what they need, making the savings even greater.
#3 - Touch-based interface
Touch interface has been around for a long time, but—for businesses—it’s never been this efficient, thanks in large part to the pandemic and the need for highly effective mobile solutions. And this doesn’t just mean tablets, with more and more apps being programmed to work on laptops and smartphones as well. The main new features many companies are leveraging now are for videoconference and communication platforms. Touch interface allows users to share and interact on these platforms in new ways, like drawing, animating and manipulating complex visuals in real time. And that’s just the beginning, as developers continue to find new ways to make remote meetings more interactive and productive.

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