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3 Cloud Computing Technology Support Vendors Our Experts Recommend

May 24, 2017

3 Cloud Computing Technology Support Vendors Our Experts Recommend

VARs have many aspects of the cloud to take into consideration when architecting and implementing cloud platform solutions. In the broader picture, there are three major avenues within the cloud stack that show the way forward for client/vendor solutions including:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in terms of cloud offerings
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for businesses in need of a cloud platform on which they can build, install, and maintain customized apps, databases and integrated business unit services.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for those businesses that prefer to outsource infrastructure in the form of virtual resources.

While that provides a foundation for recommendations, here are three cloud computing technology support vendors that rate high marks for meeting evolving client needs.

1: QLogic

Application performance that gives customers faster time-to-data is a fundamental aspect of architecting data center and cloud solutions for the clients of system integrators. QLogic is on the leading edge of technology solutions that enable new capabilities, greater efficiency, and maximum performance in cloud operating systems. QLogic's suite of converged network adapters (CNAs), Fibre Channel Adapters and intelligent Ethernet Adapters are fundamental building blocks for next-generation enterprise data center and cloud deployments.

2: Solarflare

With the advent of software defined networking (SDN), cloud providers like IBM, VMWare and Red Hat have partnered with System ArchiTECHS manufacturer partners like Solarflare to incorporate their Server adapters into IBM OEM equipment. This is particularly exciting for companies looking to increase the efficiency of their application access via their private clouds.

In addition, the Solarflare OpenOnload network acceleration stack is an in-demand solution for application acceleration for cloud networking and virtualization platforms. These are used by VAR clients in a variety of sectors including finance, Oil and Gas, and a variety of other client verticals where even the smallest amount of latency is detrimental to operations.

3: Intel

More enterprise clients as well as SMBs in specific verticals are transitioning to software defined infrastructure and virtualization as well as private, public and hybrid cloud platforms. System ArchiTECHS partners like Intel have a wide variety of processor building blocks for virtualization technology to improve flexibility, scalability and security of their most important assets.

As just one example, the Intel Xeon processor E5 v4 family is driving the high efficiency, performance and agility of next-generation data centers running on software defined infrastructure. In addition, they are fundamental building blocks for VARs architecting high-performance computing, networking, and storage infrastructures that support workloads for the cloud.

Support is as big a factor as solutions for our experts that recommend cloud computing technology support vendors. Intel Builders solutions are just one example of how System ArchiTECHS partners can help enterprises and service providers implement current cloud, storage, and network deployments and plan for future innovation.

For VARS that are System ArchiTECHS partners, cloud computing technology solutions and decisions can be simplified with the right technology vendors. The ability to serve evolving and diverse needs of their client base is furthered by having a closed loop relationship where leading technology solution vendors and hundreds of integrators are part of the partnership ecosystem of Systems ArchiTECTS. This ensures that they have the knowledge, technology and support to create customized cloud implementations for their clients based on individual organizational need for today and tomorrow.