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Work Hard, Play Hard and Partner More

May 23, 2017

Work Hard, Play Hard and Partner More

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of Ingram Micro U.S. and Export Paul Bay welcomed more than 300 Trust X Alliance members to the 2016 Invitational last week and had this to say as he walked on stage, “Work hard, play hard is a great intro for me and the Trust X Alliance community.” The audience agreed as Bay jumped right in reminding everyone in the room that one of the driving factors behind the success of Trust X Alliance is the power of partnership.

“We’re here to help you shorten their sales cycles, drive growth and increase your profitability. We want to enable you to work smarter by partnering with us to find the opportunities that are out there,” which Bay cautioned may be more challenging than last year and require a new approach. 

“I encourage you to think and act differently by exploring new partnerships across traditional lines,” said Bay. “Develop and deliver full solutions throughout the lifecycle and evolve into business specialists.”

Bay asked Trust X Alliance members to continue embracing change because Ingram Micro is 100% committed to ensuring they are the “partners of the future.”

Referring to a recent CompTIA report on the state of the 2016 market, Bay called out several ways the audience could work with Ingram Micro to do this, including:

  • Focusing on consultative selling
  • Encouraging operational excellence
  • Increasing utilization and effectiveness through training/professional development
  • Exploring new solution sets

He also pointed out a number of industry factors inhibiting growth, according to the 2016CompTIA report. Some of these factors include labor costs and availability of skilled workers, lengthy sales cycles, and access to credit and capital – all of which Ingram Micro is working to alleviate through increased investments in people and processes.

Bay advised the audience that they can overcome these challenges by “bringing your customers unparalleled value and by driving more knowledge into your partnerships through consultative conversations. Uncover where your customers are struggling and where you can add and deliver value with solutions across the technology lifecycle.”

He closed reiterating the importance of having a “will to win,” and encouraged Trust X Alliance members to identify the challenges, gaps and needs within their own businesses and work to create a game plan to fill those gaps through investment and partnership.

“Having the ability to innovate and collaborate fearlessly is another important key to success,” said Bay. “Channel partners should continue to talk about their business and customer needs, find ways they can innovate, and do business differently.” How are you re-inventing your business?