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Why the Midmarket Is Money for MSPs

May 25, 2017

Why the Midmarket Is Money for MSPs

The midmarket represents an ongoing money-making opportunity for strategic IT service providers with the right skills, solutions and services to help these organizations “in the middle” get IT done right. What kind of skills, solutions and services are we talking about? 

Well, with the Citrix Synergy event here (May 23–25 in Orlando, Fla., ICYMI), we posed that Q and many others to Ingram Micro’s executive director of Advanced Solutions, Jim Veraldi. Fun fact about Jim: Prior to joining Ingram Micro, he was the principal at Micro Strategies, a successful New Jersey-based systems integration organization. Why does that matter? He’s been there, done that. So, let’s see what Jim has to say about the midmarket, advanced solutions and Citrix.

Q: Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working smarter. What technologies, services and solutions are making this possible today?

JV: Working smarter includes adapting to the new business models and embracing the mindset of the millennial. This generation has grown up with the internet and the notion that they can work anywhere, anytime. If you don’t provide the same experience that they’re accustomed to on the consumer side, you’ll fail to attract and retain. With Citrix remote and cloud solutions like ShareFile, you can provide this access in a secure manner.

Q: What are the biggest benefits gained from businesses using advanced technologies?

JV: There are no shortages of business benefits when it comes to using technology. A few that come to mind center on building a competitive advantage, including talent recruiting and retention, customer experience and self-service, and the ability to take advantage of first-mover opportunities.

Q: Where and how does Citrix fit into the mix?

JV: Citrix solutions are proven to deliver applications and data efficiently and securely. Citrix has continued to build on their offerings, adapting to the market demands and addressing the security and network optimization needs of their customers.

Q: Ingram Micro has been a Citrix partner for years. What advantages are there for doing business with Ingram Micro?

JV: Ingram Micro has maintained a strategic relationship for years with Citrix. The ongoing relationship has resulted in our Ingram Micro team being an extension of the Citrix organization, providing pre-sales technical support; business practice enablement through our certified consultants; licensing and configuration expertise; and resources for our mutual reseller partners to build, grow and deliver Citrix solutions.

Q: What type of partner is a good fit for Citrix?

JV: There’s no one perfect profile for Citrix—and that’s a good thing. We have partners that have built an entire business around the Citrix solutions: remote access, network optimization and security. We also have partners that have built an overall data center practice and lead with Citrix for application delivery, network optimization with cloud or secure file sharing. In the end, the Ingram Micro and Citrix relationship has designed programs to enable the marketing and technical acumen for our channel partners.

Q: Generally speaking, how does Ingram Micro shorten the sales cycle for channel partners? 

JV: We augment our channel partners’ resources. Whether the partner is building or expanding their Citrix practice, Ingram Micro has pre-sales configuration resources, which drive cost out of the partners’ businesses by off-loading that work to Ingram Micro. We have cross-certified technical consultants that can work with partners’ technical teams, and the end-user to architect solutions. Ingram Micro has the largest Citrix organization in the channel, next to Citrix of course.   

Q: New research shows the rate at which midmarket organizations and enterprises are increasing their budgets for cloud and hosting services are growing at a faster rate than their overall IT budgets. Why do you think that is?

JV: Cloud provides the consumption model to the organization that lets them be agile in addressing their changing business needs. End users, especially in the midmarket, want relief from the burden of managing complex data centers so they can stay focused on their business with cloud-based IT as the enabler. Citrix has a proven track record in supporting this market dynamic from point solutions like ShareFile to enterprise-wide solutions with their full stack.

Q: Citrix is hot for IoT. Where’s the real opportunity for channel partners around IoT?

JV: IoT will provide a huge opportunity for our channel partners. While many may gravitate toward a specific specialty—such as physical security, data capture, digital signage, RFID—at the foundational level, channel partners will need a secure, optimal platform to transfer data. The combination of Ingram Micro and Citrix creates a foundational partner for IoT that the channel can rely on to get it done right.

Q: Anything we missed discussing that our readers would benefit from knowing about Ingram Micro or Citrix? Will you be at the Citrix Synergy event?

JV: Ingram Micro is at Citrix Synergy, and I was told we were awarded Citrix’s Distributor of the Year for Supply Chain Management. No other distributor in the IT channel has a longer relationship with Citrix than Ingram Micro. We have built our Citrix practice in conjunction with Citrix’s strategic initiatives. We have the resources, financing and programs to help our channel partners build and grow their Citrix practice. Our broad and deep expertise in advanced solutions enables us to architect multi-vendor solutions with and for our channel partners, further speeding the sales cycle and setting Ingram Micro apart.

For more information on how to expand your expertise and grow your capabilities in and around advanced solutions and services built on Citrix and other top-performing technologies, contact your Ingram Micro sales rep and ask to get connected with our Advanced Solutions team, or shoot an email to citrix-licensing@ingrammicro.com.