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Trust X Alliance Members Team for International Success

November 23, 2017

Trust X Alliance Members Team for International Success

By Brian Sherman

“Exclusive, extensive, exceptional, experienced. It is who we are,” emphasized Jim Veraldi, executive director, Advanced Solutions and Trust X Alliance executive sponsor during the Ingram Micro ONE event in Nashville. “Our members are the heart and soul of the program and forge strong bonds through their willingness to work hard and share valuable ideas in an open forum.” 

Trust is in their title for good reason explained Veraldi during his executive address. “Without it members would never be able to provide the level support and the multiple paths to success that make Trust X Alliance so invaluable. Member engagement is a crucial part of our success and we want to ensure that everyone within and around the community is onboard,” noted Veraldi who welcomed members of the Maple Leaf Trust X Alliance chapter to the stage to share their experience.   

The success story, which was recounted by Megan Piper, COO / CFO at Planson International Corporation (a member of the Nor’Easter Chapter for two years) and Patrick Racine, General Director of Commandare (pictured above), won top global partnering honors at the Ingram Micro ONE event. And more important than the accolades was the opportunity their actions created, which included an international program that has already generated significant revenue for both companies, and created the framework for much more in the future.  

“We had been servicing a customer for the past two years that bought a new plant in Germany and needed to replace its servers, hardware and software,” shared Racine. “This was our first international experience and occurred around the time I had met Piper at a Trust X Alliance event. After I explained this opportunity, she warned him about some of the shipping challenges we could experience if the equipment was configured, packaged and shipped from our offices in Montreal.”  

Planson International specializes in those types of projects and understands the unique challenges a provider can run into, including dealing with a multitude of rules and regulations that vary between each of the countries involved. Piper informed Racine that his company could overcome a number of potential issues by procuring and shipping hardware from Denmark and having his own team do a remote install from Montreal. Together, they created a plan for his client that would meet all the client’s cost and timeline objectives.

The future of this business relationship looks even more promising. Between the opportunities with preferred vendor Dell and new prospects, that first Trust X Alliance discussion could flourish into revenue for both organizations for many years to come.

To read more news from the Ingram Micro ONE event, visit http://www.ingrammicroadvisor.com/one , follow @IngramMicroONE on Twitter and search the hashtag #ONEIngram.