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Celebrating Success and Setting Sights on the Future

May 18, 2017

Celebrating Success and Setting Sights on the Future

There was a lot to celebrate this morning at the 2016 Trust X Alliance Invitational.

For starters, this is the first Invitational under the Trust X Alliance brand, unveiled a year ago to date. Next, more than 40 Trust X Alliance members are celebrating their 15-, 10- and five-year anniversaries with the community, and over the last six months 45 new members have joined the Trust X Alliance, adding to the energy and creativity of the community. And last but not least, today is the birthday of Trust X Alliance’s Grand Poobah, Jim Veraldi’s!

Cathy Vankesteren, Trust X Alliance Canadian president and senior vice president, End to End Networks, and Pete Belyea, Trust X Alliance U.S. president and president, CXtec and TERACAI, joined Veraldi on stage to commemorate the community’s success and review the strategic initiatives that will continue to differentiate Trust X Alliance. 

“Over the last 18 years, Trust X Alliance has evolved with the channel, finding incredible value in its [members’] partnerships with each other, its partnerships with Ingram Micro, and its partnerships with vendors,” noted Veraldi in his opening remarks to the more than 600 in attendance. “And the best is yet to come.”

Among Trust X Alliance’s key initiatives for 2016 are LIVE the Brand, ENHANCE Engagement and DRIVE Value. Vankesteren and Belyea shared what each of these mean for the community:

  • LIVE the Brand: Get involved in the community through Trust X Cares.

  • ENHANCE Engagement: Collaborate with other community members, Ingram Micro, vendors and end-users. Be present at as many events as possible. (The Fleur de Lys chapter has 100-percent participation this week at the Invitational!). Be open-minded about sharing ideas and communicating with other members. And first and foremost, engage with as many partners or constituencies as possible.

  • DRIVE Value: Find “what’s in it for you” by getting involved in Mastermind groups, Think Tanks, chapter meetings and Invitationals. Share ideas and resources. Vankesteren shared an example of how End to End Networks benefited by lending out the company’s HR manager to provide expertise to other members, and in turn gained resources in other business areas where they needed additional help. Also, take advantage of new members benefits including payroll outsourcing, recruiting, legal services, etc. to create new opportunities and grow your business.

Before leaving the stage in his Grand Poobah birthday hat, Veraldi thanked long-time Invitational sponsors, HPE/HP, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM, and asked Vankesteren and Belyea to share their testimony about how their involvement in Trust X Alliance has most benefited them and their businesses. Vankesteren cited the inspiration she receives by the personal relationships she has built, and the mentoring she’s experienced from other members in the group. Belyea said he’s gained the most value from the business expertise, skills and talent within the community, and encourages members to talk to each other, share information and collaborate as much as possible.

What do you value most about your engagement with the Trust X Alliance community?