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We touch almost 80% of all IT around the world daily. Whether you’re an IT professional, computer science student or CIO, we can teach you how to make smart decisions about technology. By tapping into our experience and expertise, you can digitally enhance your day-to-day business activities and home life.

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We have an army of trusted partners ready to take on your toughest IT challenges. These experts are part of a network of elite solution providers called Trust X Alliance.

It doesn’t matter if you have one or multiple locations, Trust X Alliance members have the reach and expertise to get you what you need, when you need it. Check out the specialties and services they have to offer.

“Trust X Alliance members spend a lot of time with customers—understanding their businesses, processes and desired outcomes. Then they design and configure technology solutions to deliver those outcomes.”

—Cathy Vankesteren, Senior Vice President, End to End Networks

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Combining innovation with social responsibility

Every day we bring innovative technology to businesses and homes all over the world. We can’t invest in digitally transforming our future without doing our part to keep our planet healthy.

With over 30,000 associates and more than 19 million square feet of building space occupied worldwide, Ingram Micro’s operations generate direct environmental impacts from greenhouse gas emissions, water use, materials and waste generation. We’re committed to reducing our ecological footprint.


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