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IBM shares the secrets to multicloud success at the ONE Experience

October 14, 2020

IBM shares the secrets to multicloud success at the ONE Experience
The year 2020 will go down in history as a time of mass cloud migration. Faced with a global crisis and economic uncertainty, businesses accelerated their digital transformation roadmaps and transitioned to the cloud to support new work models and maximize efficiency. However, changes weren’t limited to moving workloads from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Businesses also expanded their current IT environments from a single cloud to multiple clouds.

Multicloud architecture, which forms one cohesive system using infrastructure and resources of diverse clouds, is trending for various reasons. A multicloud strategy enables businesses to:

  • Match workloads to the clouds that deliver necessary data processing speeds, reliability, availability, security and compliance features
  • Avoid vendor lock-in that could limit features and services
  • Manage data most cost-effectively
Cloud migration and management are often beyond a business’s in-house capabilities, and a multicloud strategy makes these tasks even more complicated. This is creating a higher demand for solution providers with cloud expertise—and channel partners who want to capitalize on this opportunity will find actionable information and insights at the Ingram Micro ONE Experience.

IBM and Red Hat sessions at the ONE Experience
The ONE Experience agenda includes opportunities for you to learn how IBM and Red Hat are partnering with Ingram Micro to support your business. 

In IBM’s keynote address, Jim Whitehurst, president of IBM, and Paul Bay, executive VP and president, Global Technology Solutions for Ingram Micro, will focus on the role of the “fourth platform” in organizations’ digital transformation, expanding infrastructure from on-premises proprietary solutions to include open source, cloud, multicloud and hybrid IT ecosystems. They will also explain how the agility and scalability of open source environments are driving innovation and creating a boom in the ISV space.

In addition, Whitehurst will share how Red Hat’s evolution into an 80 percent channel-led business has resulted in double-digit growth, and how IBM and Red Hat are committed to providing partners with the solutions, tools and resources they need to share in this success.

The ONE Experience will also feature the breakout session “Conquering Everest—Confronting today’s technical and financial headwinds,” presented by Cheryl Rang, director, Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro; Judd Ficklen, IBM VP Partner Ecosystems, Americas; and Ernest Jones, Red Hat Channel Chief, VP NA Sales & Services.

This session will take a deep dive into best practices and solutions that partners can use to address today’s prevalent challenges, from leveraging open source solutions to securing work-from-home environments to obtaining financing. Each area represents an opportunity for the channel—if solution providers have access to the right technology and partner support.

Register for the ONE Experience now to stream the keynote and breakout session live or access recorded sessions on-demand. Plus, visit Ingram Micro’s IBM Store for additional information on IBM software and services.