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IBM is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company, providing hardware, software, cloud-based services and cognitive computing to companies worldwide. Our solutions include everything from endpoint management to full hybrid and multicloud platforms to data center software.
Ingram Micro’s IBM Business Unit has skilled, knowledgeable consultants to help you successfully implement our technology, maximize the value of your investment and address your critical business needs.

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Together, we can take your business into the future and navigate the new business landscape today.

Future-proof your business, while benefiting from adaptability, with IBM Cloud and Ingram Micro.

With an Embedded Solutions Agreement with Ingram Micro and IBM enjoy enhanced capabilities, delivering a total solution that's tailored to you.

Experience the best of both worlds with incomparable resources from IBM and Ingram Micro combined.

Grow in scale with IBM's hybrid cloud ecosystem, backed by the resources and expertise of Ingram Micro.

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Reach out to the Ingram Micro’s IBM Business Unit consulting team to learn more about IBM solutions and how they can address your customers’ cloud migration and IT challenges.