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Ep. 7: Why Ingram Micro’s the best option for all your HP needs

April 20, 2022

Your customers’ hybrid work schedules demand computers and services that are as dependable and flexible as they are, and that’s why HP is such an excellent go-to vendor to meet those needs. Whether it’s the latest laptop, PC or mobile device, a desktop printer or a multifunctional peripheral, HP has you covered. And when you sell HP through Ingram Micro you get even more—much more:
  • The largest HP on-order stocking position in the industry
  • A dedicated team of HP specialists ready to help with sales and technical support
  • Flexible financing
  • Sales and technical training
In this short video, Rob Stelter, solution sales specialist in the HP professional services group at Ingram Micro, highlights what sets Ingram Micro apart as a go-to partner for all your HP needs. He also explains HP Wolf Security, a new breed of endpoint security built into HP hardware.
0:00-0:26: Intro
0:26-0:38: Ingram Micro’s dedicated HP specialists are here for you
0:39-0:55: Ingram Micro has the largest HP on-order stocking position in the industry
0:56-1:42: What is HP Wolf Security?
1:43-1:54: Outro
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