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Ep. 6: Don’t miss the HP Super 9 promo

April 18, 2022

Do you want to know what makes selling HP desktops, notebooks and workstations with Intel technology inside even better? When you can get these products at a discounted rate with multiple sales incentives on top of that.
In this video, Shantee Perkins, sr. solution sales specialist at Ingram Micro, explains the HP Super 9 promo, featuring huge sales performance incentive funds (SPIFs) on 9 HP desktop and 9 HP notebook SKUs. Besides discounts on Intel-based ProBooks, EliteBooks, ZBooks, ProDesks, EliteDesks and Workstations, the promo can be bundled with HP Care Packs to drive higher revenue and margins.
The video also highlights the ProBook 440, which comes with Wolf Security; the EliteBook 840 Series featuring Intel’s new Evo platform; and the ZBook Firefly with Intel’s vPro remote management platform.
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