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Ep. 13: HP trivia championship hosted by Ingram Micro showdown

August 16, 2022

Hosted by Ingram Micro HP services expert Rich Davidson, the HP Trivia Championship Showdown pits Ingram Micro Senior Solutions Sales Specialist Donald Bychowski against Ingram Micro Senior Sales and Account Management Liaison, Kevin Rivera, in a battle to see who’s more knowledgeable about HP. The competitors must answer questions, such as:
  1. An HP Care Pack can be purchased if the base unit or hardware is within its first year of warranty—true or false?
  2. What type of Care Pack must be purchased if the base warranty is beyond its first year of coverage but the existing warranty is not yet expired?
  3. What is the maximum term coverage limit for a Care Pack?
  4. Name the Care Pack service that allows an end user to retain their device’s memory if the device is exchanged through HP Repair Services.
Tune in to see who wins, and more importantly, how your HP knowledge stacks up to theirs.

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