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Last mile delivery obstacles in the ecommerce era

Learn how to overcome the challenges

November 30, 2021

Last mile delivery obstacles in the ecommerce era
In 2020, a widespread consumer preference for online shopping and home delivery of necessities and inessential items presented new challenges to ecommerce businesses. With the return to brick-and-mortar stores, consumers are anticipating a fresh experience to unite the digital and physical retail experience. Here are a few consumer preferences and demands retailers are competing to meet:
  • Home delivery. Home delivery is largely preferred by global consumers, but some consumers are willing to pickup in-store and curbside.
  • Speed and convenience. Speedy delivery and customer experience are critical to customer satisfaction.
  • Bad experience. Sold out or unavailable products creates a bad shopping experience and negatively impacts purchasing decisions.
  • Last mile delivery. Positive delivery experiences promotes brand loyalty.
  • One-shot deal. Unforgiving customers may leave a brand after only one bad experience.
  • Real-time visibility. Customers want to see real-time shipment tracking and understand where the drivers are.
  • Costs. Customers expect free shipping.
  • Obsolete technology. Transportation companies are losing customers due to outdated last-mile delivery technology and inability to address present time challenges.
  • Route mapping and optimization. Optimized route planning ensures punctuality, efficiency and minimal shipping costs.
  • Efficiency. Fulfillment efficiency helps customer satisfaction by meeting customers needs and decreasing costs where possible.
Honeywell’s partnership with FarEye: A mobile-focused last mile delivery strategy
Transportation and logistics companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of a transparent mobile-friendly strategy to provide better customer experience, faster delivery, lower costs and increased visibility between customers and the delivery company. Understanding your challenges, opportunities and most urgent needs are critical to a mobile-first strategy for last-mile delivery.

Honeywell’s partnership with FarEye offers a comprehensive delivery management solution driven by Honeywell mobile computers and FarEye’s delivery management platform, allowing enterprises to have complete transparency on the movement of goods to its final destination. The partnership optimizes logistics with the following:
  • Real-time visibility. Provide customer service, visibility and data-driven decisions to all stakeholders to ensure successful deliveries.
  • Delivery operations. Expand delivery coverage, drive efficiency and fulfill demands easily.
  • Carrier selection. Make data-driven carrier selection decisions. 
  • Delivery schedule. Allow customers to self-schedule their deliveries without compromising a smooth experience.
  • Predictive management. Alerts and notifications drive operations and allows customers to make data-driven decisions with every step of the way.

Technology enables improved real-time performance and delivers a better customer experience while improving process through device-usage, analytics and reporting.

  • Honeywell CT60 mobile computer. Designed for drivers that need real-time connectivity, the CT60 mobile computer enables the delivery driver to scan items and provide photographic evidence of delivery to the customer. The technology boasts a sound recorder to capture voice signatures from customers for a completely contactless delivery, and a state-of-the-art barcode reader for damaged labels.

    Based on the leading Mobility Edge Platform, Honeywell mobile computers provide the best security, features and lifecycle duration for an improved customer experience. The Mobility Edge Platform family of devices include: Honeywell CT40, CT40XP, CT60, CT60XP, CN80, CN80G, CK65, RT10A, and Thor VM1A and VM3A.

  • Honeywell Smart Talk. To address communication problems, Honeywell Smart Talk offers a highly secure voice-enabled application for phone calls, text, and user presence. Compatible with the CT60 Mobile Computer, Smart Talk enables better communication from a single mobile device and eliminates the need for consumer cellular phones.
  • Operational intelligence. Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence helps improve productivity with its cloud-based platform to manage the full lifecycle, visibility of operations and performance information of assets, people and tasks. The platform assists workers resolving business issues and even promotes social distancing guidelines. 
Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services (PSS) offers a range of innovative solutions, software and services while keeping health, workplace safety and productivity a top-of-mind priority. Visit sps.honeywell.com for more information or call a Honeywell Solutions Expert today at (800) 934-3163.