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Honeywell’s operational intelligence enhances healthcare workflow automation

April 28, 2022

Honeywell’s operational intelligence enhances healthcare workflow automation
Patient care and clinician experience are of the utmost importance in a healthcare setting. Combating network connectivity interruptions, security vulnerabilities and workflow inefficiencies are essential to positive patient outcomes. Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software enables organizations to proactively identify these issues, improve IT workflows and even locate missing devices.
Honeywell’s Productivity Solutions and Services Chief Technology Officer Taylor Smith explains how Operational Intelligence can help solve your challenges, optimize bedside workflow and provide actionable insights to healthcare organizations. He also discusses major barriers that practitioners face and security threats to networked printers in a facility.
Find out how Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence offering gives health care providers visibility into workflows and people by using predictive analytics and actionable insights to enhance healthcare IT operations.