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Selling tech to the remote medical pro

Reseller opportunity from Ingram Micro’s Business Transformation Center

March 11, 2022

selling tech to the remote medical worker pro

A rapidly growing group of Americans have spoken—they don’t want to (or need to) leave the house for work, food, shopping or everyday appointments. Naturally, non-emergency healthcare appointments fall into that category.
Savvy tech resellers are listening …
But unlike ordering a burger or air fryer, medical evaluations can mean life or death. So, when a healthcare pro meets virtually with a remote patient, the technology must be optimal for a proper diagnosis. That means sometimes a cell phone isn’t good enough for evaluation.
Opportunity for resellers
Enter Ingram Micro’s solutions for the remote medical pro. Thanks to expert-led technology curated by our Business Transformation Center, here’s just a glimpse of what resellers can offer healthcare clients:
  • Dedicated videoconferencing devices for small office areas
  • A high-resolution camera with tracking capabilities
  • High-end noise removal
  • Crystal-clear monitors for accurate evaluation
Cool feature: The healthcare professional can even remotely control the other end of the camera to zoom in on areas of patient concern. (Note: For this feature, both ends would need a compatible device.)
Ingram Micro is pleased to offer the following buying opportunities:
Room Kit Mini: A single solution for videoconferencing, a high-resolution camera with tracking, and noise removal.
Mobile carts: Allows the user’s work to move with them, wherever it takes them, with carts designed for laptops, computers or tablets.
Webex Desk Pro: An advanced, intelligent collaboration device for the desk.
Webex Cloud: One app for calling, meetings and messaging in the cloud for teams of all sizes.
Network switches: A comprehensive portfolio of switching solutions, optimized for healthcare.
Medical monitors: Tech-enabled monitors and displays that deliver the clarity medical pros need.

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