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The ultimate PVE server awaits—welcome to esports sales

This is part two of a series examining three gaming customer personas (the Hobbyist, the Enthusiast, the Professional) and how Ingram Micro Gaming can help you reach them.

May 04, 2021

The ultimate PVE server awaits—welcome to esports sales
There’s never been a better time to sell gaming hardware (or software) than right now. Why? Because gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry, one that’s only going to grow in the future. Last year, U.S. consumers alone spent more than $50 billion on video game hardware, software and peripherals. And over 50 percent of U.S. adults now play video games—think about that for a second. But like any industry, sales success depends on communication. Businesses need to speak the customer’s language, and to do that, you need to understand who they are. That’s why we’re exploring in this blog series the three gamer personas every gaming vendor should know, and next up is the Enthusiast ...
Enthusiast DNA
One out of two U.S. adults game, and that’s great—but not all gamers are created equal. No. When we talk about the Enthusiast, we’re talking about your quintessential gamer. These are people who play over 20 hours a week. They invest in a complete gaming rig, which can include multiple HD or UHD monitors, liquid-cooling tech, RAM that looks more aerodynamic than a sportscar and video cards that cost an entire paycheck. You get the idea. Plus, the Enthusiast is usually a DIYer. Meaning they not only know how to shop for their gaming rig, they also know how to assemble it on their own. They take pride in their knowledge of all things gaming, from hardware and the latest titles releasing to being fully immersed in internet culture, including being a regular on message boards and never missing a session by their favorite online streamers.
Enthusiasts don’t settle (like, seriously)
The good news about the Enthusiast is they already know better hardware makes a difference. That’s because they watch the best pro gamers play, and they know what they use. And while your gaming customers might not be pros (yet), they want the hardware pros use, and they’re willing to pay for it. The key is having a pulse on which vendors have the most desirable gaming hardware and peripherals. Performance, customizability and comfort (in no particular order) are the most important factors when it comes to what gamers want in their rig. Keep that in mind when deciding which vendors to carry. Precision is everything for Enthusiasts who love to play first-person shooters—that means a mouse that reacts to even the slightest of movements, like Mad Catz legendary R.A.T. lineup. And communication is key no matter what the game genre—that means noise-canceling headphones with all-day comfort, like SteelSeries Arctis 9X. Maybe the most important part of any gaming setup is the chair.
Vendors like AKRacing are delivering seated experiences that not only feature next-level ergonomics, but also perforated leather, extremely deep seats and cold-cured foam that makes hours of play seem like a literal breeze.
Ingram Micro Gaming
Does all this sound fun? Are you ready to spawn into the ultimate PVP server: selling to the gaming/esports market? Ready to grow in ways you never dreamed of? If you answered yes to any of that, Ingram Micro Gaming can help. Not only do we know the gaming market inside and out, we’re also the only distributor offering dedicated gaming sales enablement programs, tools and support. Don't let the size of an opportunity or your lack of gaming knowledge stop you from contacting us. Helping businesses break into and dominate the world’s most exciting markets is what we do.


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