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Turn “maybe” into “yes”—with Ingram Micro Financial Solutions services

January 12, 2021

Turn “maybe” into “yes”—with Ingram Micro Financial Solutions services
Financing can be a valuable selling tool, a way to get prospective customers to say “yes” faster and more readily.
Financing technology is widespread in today’s business world—approximately 80% of all companies now lease IT equipment. What’s more, resellers who offer financing are more likely to close high-margin deals. It’s also a smart way to increase your buying power and maximize cash flow.
In today’s highly competitive environment, offering options for financing technology is a must if you’re serious about expanding your reach, positioning yourself as a comprehensive IT services company and building long-term relationships with customers.
Ingram Micro Financial Solutions offers a variety of as-a-service financial solution options to choose from—depending on your needs and the customers’ requirements:
  • Direct Express is an easy, low-cost lockbox solution to supplement your credit line for financially strong end-user customers. And for large U.S. government orders, we offer a Federal Escrow Account.
  • Flexible Payment Solutions are designed for customers who prefer to have a flexible, long-term option for payment—anywhere from 12 to 60 months. The process is simple and the rates are competitive. Another option is to leverage financing incentives from Ingram Micro Vendor Leasing (IMVL). We partner with Cisco Capital, Dell Financial, HP Finance and IBM Global Finance to provide flexible leasing solutions. What’s more, you can leverage our special vendor pricing to win more deals.
Don’t have the resources to qualify for credit and manage the financing process?
No problem. Use our Select Source (A/R assignment program) or Preferred Source (Agent model program) and let Ingram Micro do all the work on your behalf for a minimal fee. We’ll base your customer’s credit on their credit worthiness, so you don’t have to worry about your own credit capacity. Then, when your customer pays, we’ll remit your profit to you.
Let’s help you get started 
Today when customers are looking for a complete IT services company—not just an IT provider—offering financing options can help position you for success. Ingram Micro Financial Solutions are designed to be flexible—to give you a leg up when you’re pitching business. To learn more about the programs and which options are right for your needs, visit https://imaginenext.ingrammicro.com/it-solution-provider/services/financial-solutions.