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Top 4 tips for managing cash flow crunch

August 31, 2022

Top 4 tips for managing cash flow crunch
Resellers need to adapt their financing models to meet customers’ needs. Research from Forrester shows that in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, 52% of service providers offered clients alternative payment or financing models. And the bad news is that the current economy is causing many businesses to worry about a lack of cash flow. The good news? There’s a number of financial solutions you can offer your customers. Learn about four ways to free up cash.
Flexible Payment Solutions
You can make it easy for your customers to keep their technology up to date with flexible payment options. Besides removing cash flow and liability burdens, these payment solutions make it easier for you to offer bundled solutions. As a result, these bundled as-a-service offerings help shorten the sales and standardize products across your customer base.
And what’s better than one agile financing solution? Three of them:
  • 90 Days Same as Cash: Partners have 90 days to decide if they can pay upfront or need to enter into a long-term finance agreement.
  • Future Funds: In this case, the partner makes six interest-only payments and then has the freedom to decide if they can pay off the principal or enter into a long-term agreement.
  • Baker’s Dozen: The funded amount is divided by 12, and the partner can make 13 smaller payments.
Recurring Revenue
Just as consumers are now familiar with making regular payments for subscriptions, media, memberships and mobile phones, businesses are looking for the same ability to make payments for what they need. Setting up payment plans for your customers has advantages for you, too.
Benefits for providers include:
  • Money: Consistent revenue monthly
  • Sell easier: Offer full-service offerings with more payment flexibility for customers, making it easier for them to say YES
  • Growth: Increase the value of your business
If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Ingram Micro Financial Solutions makes shifting to a recurring revenue model easier.
Technology as a Service
Another option for businesses that need technology now but don’t have the funds is a technology-as-a-service offering. Your customers can quickly and continuously access the latest technology by making predictable monthly payments that match their go-to-market strategy.
Direct Express
How would you grow your business if your credit line didn’t constrain you? Let us help you finance your next opportunity with Direct Express—an easy, low-cost lockbox solution to supplement your credit line for financially strong end-user customers. Using both accounts to finance business, you can increase your buying power and complement your net line at Ingram Micro. The process is easy with minimal paperwork and resellers maintain all aspects of their relationships with end users.
Learn more about these cash flow options and more with Ingram Micro Financial Solutions.

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