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Integrating financing into your sales proposals made easy: win more with this quote companion tool

August 09, 2021

Integrating financing into your sales proposals made easy: win more with this quote companion tool
In today’s world of online shopping and subscription-based everything, financing has become the new norm. Just ask Apple, Target or Amazon. As we’ve discussed before, integrating financing into your sales proposals is no longer a nice-to-have addition for businesses; it’s a must-have. Without a financing option for customers, you’re liable to lose customers who expect it because financing is how they make most of their everyday purchases big and small, from pet food to cars to paper towels.
But figuring out financing can often be a pain-point for businesses compared to a one-and-done deal, unless you happen to have a PhD in accounting or consider yourself a spreadsheet savant. So we set out with our partners to develop a technology solution that makes integrating financing easy for you and your customers, allowing you to make it part of every sales proposal and win more deals.
Enter the quote companion tool, a solution designed to simplify and streamline the financing process so you can provide flexible payment options to customers with confidence. Far from another hoop to jump through, this pain-free technology makes financing as easy as clicking a button. And with fast and seamless digital signing, you can complete an agreement with the swipe of a customer’s finger from anywhere.
While a larger upfront deal might sound great in the short term, that same number can sound daunting to a potential customer who would otherwise agree to smaller monthly payments. Additionally, offering an easy financing option helps build a long-term relationship with the customer while providing your business with a steady income stream. Making financing easy is a critical part of providing a better overall customer experience that builds your entire brand, month after month after month. Get started with the quote companion tool and see how the expertise of Ingram Micro and our partners can help your business adapt to the future of purchasing.


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