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Financing plans that help resellers handle more tech sales

December 29, 2021

Financing plans that help resellers handle more tech sales
In the last few months of this blog, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing our insider tips on financing tech sales through Ingram Micro. And there’s been no greater joy for us than hearing how end users have said YES to our partners sooner—on bigger deals—because of smart financing. For this blog, we’ve arranged a hodgepodge of our most proven and impactful financing guidance.
Invest in your own profitability
Ingram Micro Financial Solutions enables you to invest in your own success. As your partner in profitability, we’re committed to helping you run your business better and making investments in you through tools and our relationship. How? We invite you to use our financial resources to keep your business moving forward like no other opportunity. Get started on your customers saying YES with Ingram Micro financing.
Shift from upfront purchases to annuities
Today, in the world of tech sales, annuities mean freedom—freedom for end users to pay over time for tech; freedom for resellers to serve customers who don’t have upfront cash; freedom for all parties who want to show a steady payment stream. Here are 3 reasons to shift from upfront purchases to annuities.
Kill your old-school discovery questions
You’ve seen a massive shift in buying behavior if you’ve been in tech sales for a while. Part of this transformation is because you find yourself selling to younger digital natives. Monthly payments don’t scare them—look no further than their multiple streaming services. Many were born with a Netflix account. Here’s how to open the door to more of your prospects and clients through new questions and smart financing.
Building a tech sales team amid the Great Resignation
The Great Resignation hit tech sales hard during the pandemic. But there’s hope. Companies that do the work are already attracting and maintaining a high-performing sales staff, despite more opportunities than ever to leave. We asked experts how and found these answers.
Do MSP this way
After all the MSP data and experiences we’ve compiled, this is what we’ve come up with. A managed service model is like your favorite meal or cocktail. When done right, it’s fulfilling and rewarding—the highlight of your day. When done wrong, it can be a letdown. Here’s how to do MSP the right way.
100% of your proposals should include monthly payments
Wait, 100%? Yes. During good times or bad, this makes sense in today’s marketplace. Read why. That is all.