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Diary of a Financial Solutions executive

June 17, 2022

Diary of a Financial Solutions executive
Ingram Micro Financial Solutions allows our partners to focus on what they do best, which is grow their business. And our Financial Solutions executives are key to enabling that growth by delivering more robust financing options to our partners and their end customers. Day in and day out, these execs work with internal sales associates to uncover customers in need of innovative financing options. They also have deeper conversations with customers and ask probing questions about their current offerings while proposing new strategies partners should adopt to be successful.

For more insight into how Ingram Micro is enabling partner growth, we’ve provided a firsthand account from a financial services executive detailing one of their many customer success stories.

Phase 1: Discovery 
We uncovered during our discovery conversation that the partner had concerns with onboarding new clients or upgrading existing clients—specifically the expense of upgrading older equipment. This would constrain his cash flow as he tried to leverage his own balance sheet to finance clients. He also wanted to rebrand his business as an “as a service” company but faced challenges in educating his sales team on marketing this new direction.

Phase 2: Proposal
After our initial conversation, he agreed it was time for a deeper discussion about his current process, the current challenges he was facing and what his ultimate goals were from a financing perspective. We showed him the value of Financial Solutions stepping in and providing a seamless quoting process integrated directly into his existing sales process. We also demonstrated how training his sales staff to go to market with these offerings would not only increase his revenue stream but also the valuation of his business.

Phase 3: Payoff
After our deeper discussion, the partner embraced our strategy and our resources, which has allowed him to successfully market his “as a service” program to his end users over the past 12 months. The result has been an average growth of 20% with a best-in-class client retention rate and a cost-effective way to implement both new and upgraded systems to help their clients meet business objectives.

Phase 4: Your turn
Consistently leveraging our Financial Solutions offerings allows our partners to experience faster sales cycles, higher margins, improved cash flow and greater profitability. Whether it’s a flexible financing option for your end user, financing for your business, ensuring you’re paid upfront or giving you a supplemental credit line capacity to go after and confidently win larger deals (or via our Direct Express programs), the value we add to your business is the ability to tailor a program to your specific goals. 

Remember, our team of Financial Solutions executives is always available to listen, learn and understand your needs to deliver small business solutions that help you achieve your goals.