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3 trending financing plans that you can tailor to your needs

November 30, 2021

3 trending financing plans that you can tailor to your needs
Tech solution providers around the globe are looking to increase their buying power​ while offering great financing to end users. After all, financing is often the difference in terms of closing the deal—from both sides.
We’ve highlighted some very profitable financing programs that you can customize to your needs.
1) Direct Express
The Ingram Micro Direct Express Program supplements your credit line in ways that help your business. It provides partners with an easy, low-cost lockbox solution that supplements their credit for financially strong end-user customers. Through the program, the partner maintains all aspects of the customer relationship, including invoicing and following up for payment to the remittance address. Our team of dedicated leasing financial solutions specialists will guide you through the process to make it simple and convenient.
Direct Express benefits:
  • Increases buying power
  • Complements reseller’s net line at Ingram Micro—use both accounts to finance business
  • End user is not aware that Ingram Micro is being used to finance the sale (unless Notice of Assignment is required)
  • Reseller recognizes top-line revenue
  • Deal-specific program
2) Direct Express Complete
Sometimes you need more than Direct Express, where you handle the invoicing and collections, assuming the risk. Enter Direct Express Complete. This program is everything described above for Direct Express, plus a more robust, end-to-end financial solution. It’s a full-service program that enables you to assign end-user risk and payment to Ingram Micro.
Direct Express Complete benefits:
  • Ingram Micro credit qualifies end users and assumes end-user risk
  • Supplemental credit line provided to support PO
  • Full-service financial solution that enables the reseller to assign end-user risk and payment to Ingram Micro
  • Potential to invoice for products/services not procured through Ingram Micro, including reseller services (approval required)
  • Product ships to end user
  • Consolidated invoicing using the reseller’s name and logo
  • Profit remittance in 3–5 days, once end user’s payment is received
3) Federal Escrow
Ingram Micro’s Federal Escrow Program is customizable for end users and resellers alike. This program offers 45 days of interest-free financing and focuses on small but relevant details to help your business. (Example: The PO/contract and payment remaining can be in the name of the reseller.)
The program is simple but effective. The end user pays the escrow agent. The escrow agent pays Ingram Micro the product cost—and then delivers the reseller their proceeds. This enables you to keep your focus on what really matters—your core business.
Federal Escrow Program benefits:
  • Offers 45 days of interest-free financing
  • Complements reseller’s net line at Ingram Micro—use both accounts to finance business
  • Increase buying power by enabling the reseller to support larger deals and contracts
  • Leverages the credit worthiness of the federal government
  • Reseller remains the seller; Ingram Micro remains invisible to end user
Ready to talk tech sales help, annuities or general financing? Ingram Micro’s financial solutions team can help you win with your clients.