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2021 IT purchasing profile—the who, what and where

February 09, 2021

2021 IT purchasing profile—the who, what and where
Despite the business disruptions caused by the pandemic, companies are still buying and leasing technology.
According to The 2021 State of IT, a study published by Spiceworks Ziff Davis, while overall technology budgets are expected to decline slightly year over year starting in 2021, 80% of companies anticipate their IT spending to stay the same or increase.
What’s influencing the decision-making process
  • The need to upgrade outdated infrastructure will be the primary factor driving IT spending in SMBs.
  • An increased priority on IT projects and digital transformation will be the #1 motivating factor in enterprises.
The need to support remote workforces and other operational adjustments due to COVID-19 will drive much of the IT spending for companies large and small. Business executives clearly understand that technology will be their key to success in today’s particularly challenging environment. What’s more, with so many companies working remotely, ensuring the security of all endpoints on an increasingly expansive network is a top priority.
Where IT spending is particularly strong
Ingram Micro sees particularly robust spending in several vertical segments, including:
  • Business services – Computer programming services/computer-related services
  • Health services
  • Engineering and management services
  • Wholesale trade – durable goods
  • Communication
 Statistics on transactions made through Ingram Micro Flexible Payment Solutions show the most activity in two categories: software (48%), particularly security software, and networking equipment (33%). Server purchases (6.8%) and laptop/tablet purchases are well down on the list of priorities on 2021 technology budgets.
A smart option, particularly for today
With the current business realities presented by COVID-19 no doubt impacting cash flow— particularly for small and midsize companies—how to finance technology is a critical part of the decision-making process for business executives in 2021. Leveraging the programs offered by Ingram Micro Flexible Payment Solutions makes a lot of sense.
To learn more about how we can help your customers purchase the IT they need, visit https://imaginenext.ingrammicro.com/it-solution-provider/services/financial-solutions.      


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