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Turn data into intuition with Cisco DNA Center Assurance

June 04, 2019

Turn data into intuition with Cisco DNA Center Assurance

In today’s world, customers take network reliability for granted, and there's little understanding that a small change like adding a VLAN (virtual local area network) for a new network service, can have significant consequences, including downtime if not executed properly. Thanks to devops, agile development and digitization IT departments are under an enormous burden to adopt and deliver faster to the organization without any reduction to speed, reliability and safety of the network infrastructure.

Cisco DNA represents an architecture for how network infrastructure can be designed in such a way that the network (as part of IT) can adapt faster to meet the requirements and pressure from the organization. The Cisco DNA architecture includes the following core principles of the architecture, which are designed to help your customers innovate more quickly, reduce cost and complexity, and lower risk:

  • Policy: Cisco DNA enables users to create policies that reflect their organizations’ business intent for a particular aspect of the network, such as network access. Cisco DNA Center takes the information collected in a policy and translates it into network-specific and device-specific configurations required by the different network device types, makes, models, operating systems, roles and resource constraints.

  • Automation: Using controllers and open APIs, Cisco DNA simplifies network management through abstraction and centralized policy enforcement that allows IT to focus on business intent and apply configurations to improve service and keep operations secure from the core to the edge.

  • Analytics: Cisco DNA proactively predicts performance through correlation of user, device, and application data for contextual business and operational insights; identifies issues; and provides actionable insight to deliver better, more personalized experiences. By storing network data, Cisco DNA can recreate and analyze events that happened in the past.

  • Assurance: Cisco DNA Center Assurance is an analytics tool that proactively predicts network performance through machine learning to correlate user, device and application data for contextual business and operational insights. It identifies issues and provides actionable insight to deliver better, more personalized experiences. 
For example, DNA Center Assurance can detect whether a DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) server isn’t responding to requests or a network is hitting a known caveat. It provides a quick root-cause analysis of complex network issues that would otherwise take hours or days to resolve.
Why do your customers want Cisco DNA Center Assurance?
Per research from Cisco, customers spend $60 billion a year globally managing and operating networks. As much as 70% of that budget is spent on merely collecting data to enable them to be proactive and solve a problem before it occurs. Although not always the source of the problem, wireless is often the first to be blamed. Cisco DNA Center Assurance puts your customers at the right place to isolate the problem, at the right time when the issue happened and leads them to the right action, providing guided remediation.
Why should you care about selling Cisco DNA Center Assurance?
You can’t always see everything happening on your customers’ networks, but Cisco DNA Center Assurance can. With comprehensive network visibility, you can easily manage all of your connected devices and services, identify and solve issues before they become problems, and ensure a better user experience across the network.
The opportunity: Cisco DNA Center Assurance increases customer stickiness and can drive significant upsell opportunities across wired (8.6x), wireless (6.7x), security and WAN in both refresh and new deployments.
The profitability: With Cisco DNA Center Assurance, Cisco partners can quickly onboard their customers on an intent-based networking journey. As a starter, partners can gain as much as 33% more revenue and a 170% increase in managed services blended margin.
Faster success: Cisco DNA Center Assurance drives the recurring revenue model and enables intent-based networking. The same licenses and Cisco DNA Center Appliance used for Assurance can be used to deliver SD-Access and SD-WAN down the road, protecting customers’ investments.
The competition: No other competitor can deliver assurance across wired, wireless and WAN. Traditional competitors lead with policy and traditional network management systems. Other competitors claim to use AI and require all new infrastructure to deliver only wireless capabilities. Cisco DNA Center Assurance brings stickiness by not forcing a refresh of current-generation gears.
Helping your customers make a digital transformation has never been easier. Check out the latest Cisco DNA promotions to help you start making digital-ready network sales.