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The IZATION effect is happening now

March 09, 2017

The IZATION effect is happening now

As an IT solution provider, you’re probably aware of the fact that your customers’ businesses are undergoing several big disruptions, which are being driven by various technologies (e.g., mobility, Internet of Things, real-time analytics, cloud), tough competition, cyberthreats, regulations, and IT and human resource limitations, just to name a few.

A look at the data explosion within retail puts it into perspective. In 2010, retailers generated 1 zettabyte of data (1 zettabyte = 1 trillion gigabytes), a study conducted by Genpact found. By 2014, that number reached 7 zettabytes. Analyst firm Forrester says, “All companies are data businesses now.”

To stay competitive, companies must innovate—whether it’s with the products they make, the services they deliver, the customers they serve or the employees they need to lead and inspire. The IT network plays a key role in enabling the kind of disruptive change that’s required to meet today’s business demands and make what Cisco and Ingram Micro are calling the IZATION transformation:

  • Digitization 
  • Mobilization 
  • Securitization 
  • Globalization 

Cisco DNA was designed for IZATION

Reaching one’s full IZATION potential requires becoming nimbler, reducing business costs and complexity, and increasing customer and market responsiveness. Cisco created the Digital Network Architecture (DNA) with these principles in mind. Cisco DNA is not a product set; rather, it’s a philosophy comprising the pillars of workforce experience, customer experience, branch agility, security and IoT (Internet of Things).

One of the challenges this transformation brings is the need for a new security strategy. “Today, the network must be more responsive and do things it never had to do before,” says Dave West, CTO, APJ Enterprise Networking, Cisco. “Cisco DNA accomplishes this through an open, extensible and software-driven network.”

The DNA’s services-centric network architecture allows channel partners to innovate faster, reduce costs and complexity, lower risk and meet compliance requirements. A key component in these outcomes is intelligence, including the ability to identify an asset’s location; interpret data; and withdraw useful, impactful analytics. Cisco DNA’s intelligence also provides an understanding of how things are behaving, which enables the right information to be relayed to the user, all while entirely connected to the cloud.

Some of Cisco DNA’s key business benefits are:

  • 85% faster network services provisioning
  • 79% reduction in network installation costs
  • 2x more software value than individual components with license portability
  • 100x faster threat detection
  • 80% more energy savings and reduced maintenance costs

Today’s business leaders face a myriad of business challenges, and technology will play a critical role in meeting those challenges. Replacing legacy IT infrastructures with Cisco DNA digital-ready networks is a key part of making your customers’ businesses more agile and intelligent. Keep in mind, too, Ingram Micro offers a vast array of services that can educate, equip and support your team as they prepare your customers for the IZATION transformation. Click here to learn more.