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The Better Way to Show Prospects “Why Cisco”

June 08, 2017

The Better Way to Show Prospects “Why Cisco”

Trying to explain to a prospect why they should consider your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud based security, or unified communications (UC) offering can be a daunting challenge. Similar to the experience of summarizing the details of a great movie or vacation experience to someone who wasn’t there, we often resort to vague emotional terms like “amazing” or “awesome.” When it comes to explaining complex IT solutions words such as “cloud,” “virtualization,” “robust,” and “highly scalable” create the same vagueness.

Most VARs and systems integrators accept this challenge as a reality of doing business. After all, it’s just not practical to carry around routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, and UC gear to set up, demo, and tear down. And, investing $1 million+ in a training and demo facility isn’t practical for most resellers either. Fortunately for Cisco channel partners, there’s a better alternative: The Ingram Micro Experience Center. Located in Buffalo, NY and sponsored by Cisco, the Experience Center is available to all Ingram Micro partners and serves as a Cisco-exclusive technology showroom equipped with all of Cisco’s latest products and solutions.

What’s more is that there are lots of ways partners can use this resource, including the following suggestions:

  • Demonstration Pods/Proof-of-Concept — Let Ingram Micro’s Cisco experts recreate your proposed Cisco solution and see first-hand how Cisco products and offerings can benefit you and your customers by addressing various technology needs and improving the way organizations run.
  • Sales and Technical Training — There’s no reason why all of your associates can’t be experts on Cisco solutions. Ingram Micro’s engineers will provide training and support in person or remotely (via WebEx or video) to ensure that your business stands out from competitors and your team is knowledgeable and comfortable with Cisco technology.
  • A Fully Functioning Cisco Data Center — Learn how to increase your profitability and adapt quickly to new business models by leveraging a fully functioning live Cisco Data Center environment. Complete with UCS (Unified Computing System) B- and C-series servers, Nexus switching, an eco-partner solutions such as IBM VersaStack, Citrix, Veeam, and APC cooling, it exists only to support Experience Center activities for hands-on engagement or remote access by your team.
  • Cisco Collaboration and Video — Get hands-on with the latest Cisco phones, Business Edition products and Cisco video endpoints, or use Ingram Micro’s remote meeting and demo capabilities supported by Cisco.
  • Switching, Wireless, and Security — Whether it’s the latest Catalyst or Nexus switching products, Meraki or Security, the Experience Center has it and is ready to showcase the Cisco advantages to you and your end users.

To schedule your Experience Center visit or learn more about how to leverage this unique resource to grow your Cisco practice, send an email to experiencecenter@ingrammicro.com or contact Ingram Micro’s team of dedicated engineers:

Pete Avino: peter.avino@ingrammicro.com
Mike Mason: mike.mason@ingrammicro.com
Tom Mann: thomas.mann@ingrammicro.com
Marko Rogan: marko.rogan@ingrammicro.com