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Resources to simplify your customers’ digital transformation

April 20, 2017

Resources to simplify your customers’ digital transformation

Your customers’ businesses are undergoing an IZATION (digitization, mobilization, securitization and globalization) transition that’s being driven by the explosion of data and the business demands of faster innovation, collaboration, productivity improvement and improved employee and customer experiences. Making this digital transformation requires a network that can accommodate real-time voice and video traffic while delivering optimal security.

Cisco and Ingram Micro have ample resources available to help you assess your customers’ current networks along with the hardware, software, services and support needed to make them IZATION ready:

Network Assessments

  • Cisco Active Advisor—Ideal for smaller opportunities, this free, cloud-based service lets solution providers assess equipment risk of more than 500 Cisco part numbers (e.g., switches, routers, wireless controllers) and personalize recommendations for network equipment and security. Available by itself or as a component of other Cisco network management applications, Cisco Active Advisor reduces the overall risk of network administration by keeping partners up to date on:
    • Warranty and service contract status
    • Product advisories, including Product Security Incident Response teams (PSIRTs) and field notices
    • End-of-life milestones for hardware and software

As part of this service, partners receive personalized device health scores, which they can compare to Cisco’s recommended best practices.

  • Cisco-Funded Network Assessment ProgramThis program, which runs from July 31, 2016 through July 29, 2017, is designed for Cisco Premier and Gold Partners with their own field-deployable resources. The assessment helps solution providers identify customers’ key business initiatives and address them with relevant digital solutions, as well as identify and prioritize refresh and upgrade opportunities. All assessments must be cosponsored and nominated in the Cisco SIRE (sales incentive and reimbursement engine) system by the local Cisco account team (i.e., an account manager or Cisco partner account manager). All nominations and partner applications are managed via the Cisco SIRE system (www.cisco-sire.com).
  • Ingram Micro Professional Services Assessment—With this turnkey solution, Ingram Micro engineers can be deployed to end-user locations—either as Ingram Micro-badged employees or as representatives of the solution provider’s company—to conduct a full assessment of the end user’s current network equipment, which the solution provider can then use to make recommendations. There are five categories within this service offering with which partners can utilize:
    • Expert services. This category includes deployment services, implementation services, virtualization health checks, wireless network assessments, penetration testing and more.
    • Migration and implementation. Using our nationwide network of technicians across the U.S. and Canada, Ingram Micro can help partners respond to their customers’ project requirements regardless of skill set, location, platform or industry.
    • 3rd–party services. This category includes IT asset disposition services, IT staffing services, remote system administration and warranty services.
    • Training. Everything from HIPAA/HITECH services to unified communications and collaboration is covered.
    • Consulting. This category includes inventory planning and management, PCI compliance and more.


The Cisco Technology Migration Program and Ingram Micro’s XCHANGE Program (a distributor-led migration program, or DLMP), are available to encourage sales with product trade-ins. Cisco also will reimburse Ingram Micro Professional Services Assessments and Cisco-Funded Network Assessments at $500–$2,000 per assessment (up to $10,000 per quarter), depending on tier.

Addtional resources

Ingram Micro solution providers also can take advantage of the Ingram Micro Solution Center and Cisco Experience Center in Buffalo, N.Y., where they can provide live demonstrations and proofs-of-concept for their customers. Pre- and post-sales support is also available through Ingram Micro Partner Technical Enablement to assist during planning and implementation of your customers’ digital networks.

Cisco Ready for Partners (formerly IBLM for Partners) is another must-have resource for staying on top of your customers’ IZATION transformation. Through this web-based portal, you’ll see several KPIs of your covered install base, giving you a better understanding of your customers’ networks and enabling you to help them plan, budget and manage their networks more effectively.