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Proactively Support Your Cisco Network Device Install Base

February 20, 2017

Proactively Support Your Cisco Network Device Install Base

Digital, connected and smart: These are the words that describe the new network, which is a core part of the IZATION effect that’s happening to your customers right now. The places they go, their social interactions, the devices they wear and the services they enjoy are more connected than ever before. There are already 15 billion connected “things” in the world, and in five years that number will rise to at least 75 billion, according to Cisco’s latest research. Internet traffic will be 3x greater than it is today, and each person will generate 5 terabytes of data a year.

Cisco Smart Services is the starting point to managing your customers’ digital journey. The Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) Portal (www.cisco.com/go/smartservices) gives Cisco partners visibility into their Cisco installed base inventory, enabling them to prioritize and address alerts relevant to their network, managed services coverage and contract renewals. SNTC is designed to help partners minimize downtime, identify support risks and plan for equipment replacement for contract renewals.

One of the easiest ways to get started using SNTC is by installing the Cisco Common Services Platform Collector (CSPC). You can deploy CSPC as a hardware appliance that sits on the network behind your firewall, or you can download and install a software-based version known as the Virtual Collector.

After all your customers’ device data has been collected, you’re ready to visit the portal. The default view on the portal includes a summary of your inventory, including alerts as well as your coverage status. Many of the stats are hyperlinked to enable further drill-downs as needed. For example, clicking on “Equipment Type” allows you to see details about chassis, modules, power supplies and fans. Click on “Chassis” to see additional granularity on categories such as “Wireless,” “Unified Communications,” “LAN Switches,” and “Routers,” which you can then dig into further to see relevant history.

Security management is another important component of the SNTC Portal. In the summary view, you can see vulnerabilities and the number of infected devices across your install base. Plus, you can add or hide columns based on the specific criteria you want to see. A handy help menu is available on each screen to provide additional instruction (text and videos) pertinent to the current page, too.

Some of the most useful alerts Cisco channel partners visiting the SNTC Portal will be interested in, include:

  • Software updates
  • End of life/end of support notices
  • Devices under contract and those that aren’t

Ingram Micro Partner Assist Incentive and Portal Activation

Partners who prefer to get up to speed on using SNTC with the help of their peers will have that option, too, as the portal is connected to the Cisco partner support community. Additionally, partners who need a little extra help getting started can use Cisco Partner Smart Assist Service. Hosted in a virtual classroom, this webinar explains everything in an easy to follow process flow. One-on-one personalized coaching is also available for an additional fee.

Ingram Micro partners who use SNTC can take advantage of special incentives for a limited time:

  • Earn $1,000 (limited time and quantity) per Collector install and portal activation (100 offers total).
  • Limit per partner of five for promotional period.

Learn more and to take advantage of this offer, take a screenshot of your customers’ Smart Services Connection Portal(s) with your Cisco Connection Online Identification (CCO ID) showing access to their portal and send it to ciscoservices@ingrammicro.com.