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How Cisco Kinetic enables digital transformation in the public sector

September 27, 2018

How Cisco Kinetic enables digital transformation in the public sector

Drive IoT growth with Cisco Kinetic for cities

Cisco’s IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Cisco Kinetic (formerly Smart+Connected Digital Platform), provides customers with the ability to quickly get data up and running with device connectivity, device provisioning, secure data transmission, data cleansing, data analytics, machine learning, model training and the full lifecycle management of applications. 

“Cisco Kinetic is a cloud-based platform that helps customers extract, compute and move data from connected things to IoT applications to deliver better outcomes and services,” says Cisco VP and GM of IoT, Jahangr Mohammed. “Cisco Kinetic gets the right data to the right applications at the right timeacross edge, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid environmentswhile executing policies to enforce data ownership, privacy, security and even data sovereignty laws. These are all critical requirements for any smart city and community deployment.”

Solutions within the Cisco Kinetic platform address the following needs:

  • Lighting: Lower energy consumption and costs along with simplified maintenance via Cisco Smart+Connected Lighting.
  • Operations centers: Break down network and organization silos to simplify resource management with Cisco Smart+Connected Operations Center.
  • Parking: Generate revenue with demand-based parking while reducing citizens’ search time with Cisco Smart+Connected Parking.
  • Safety: Accurately detect incidents and protect against crime through digital monitoring with Cisco Kinetic for Cities Safety and Security.
  • Urban mobility: View live street conditions to gain insights on how to improve traffic management with Cisco Smart+Connected Traffic.
  • Digital network architecture: Provide residents with internet connectivity and access to a broad range of public services with Cisco DNA for Cities.

How Ingram Micro makes Cisco public sector sales easier

While having access to cutting-edge solutions is an important part of the sales equation, the public sector sales process can be highly complex. To help partners navigate the federal, state and local government as well as the K–12 and higher education markets, Ingram Micro created Public Sector Advantage. The program provides partners with valuable intelligence on where the market is headed along with a unique blend of priority services, essential contract management support and creative ways to drive contract success.

To learn more about ways Ingram Micro can help your company’s public sector growth initiatives, check out

Ingram Micro Vertical Expo Live, a one-of-a-kind virtual exposition that’s your one-stop venue for advice, training, discounts and resources, including:

  • 1:1 vendor engagement opportunities
  • Mobility blueprint
  • E-rate 101
  • Grants office funding program
  • GSA pass-through program
  • Hot spots for contracting
  • Navigator/center for digital education
  • SLED (state, local and education) contracts and multiple-award schedule

Also, check out the Cisco Public Sector Resource Center, which includes several programs and resources available to Ingram Micro Cisco partners, such as:

  • The Ingram Micro Cisco federal value add
  • The Ingram Micro Cisco state, local and education value add