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How Cisco and Ingram Micro help partners deliver IZATION transformations

July 31, 2017

How Cisco and Ingram Micro help partners deliver IZATION transformations

Cisco and Ingram Micro identified four components of the technology trend, collectively known as the IZATION effect:

  • Digitization 
  • Mobilization 
  • Securitization 
  • Globalization 

For a company to reach its full IZATION potential, it must become nimbler, reduce its business costs and complexity, and increase customer and market responsiveness. Cisco created the Digital Network Architecture (DNA) with these principles in mind. Cisco DNA is not a product set; rather, it’s a philosophy comprising the pillars of workforce experience, customer experience, branch agility, security and IoT (Internet of Things).

One of the challenges this transformation brings is the need for a new security strategy. Cisco DNA accomplishes this through an open, extensible and software-driven network.

The DNA’s services-centric network architecture allows channel partners to innovate faster, reduce costs and complexity, lower risk and meet compliance requirements. A key component in these outcomes is intelligence, including the ability to identify an asset’s location; interpret data; and withdraw useful, impactful analytics. Cisco DNA’s intelligence also provides an understanding of how things are behaving, which enables the right information to be relayed to the user, all while entirely connected to the cloud.

 Some of Cisco DNA’s key business benefits are:

  • 85% faster network services provisioning
  • 79% reduction in network installation costs
  • 2x more software value than individual components with license portability
  • 100x faster threat detection
  • 80% more energy savings and reduced maintenance costs

First steps in assessing your customers’ IZATION readiness

You can’t address the problem with your customers if they don’t know they have one, and you can’t convince them without demonstrating benefits of preparing to compete in the new digital world. To help your customers prepare for the IZATION effect, start by walking them through this short DNA-Readiness Assessment Quiz.

Once you’ve calculated their score, be sure to have them take advantage of an onsite digital-readiness assessment from Ingram Micro Professional & Training Services. With this turnkey solution, our highly trained engineers can be deployed to your end users’ locations to conduct full assessment, which you can use to make recommendations for transitioning to DNA.

 Ingram Micro partners can also take advantage of the Ingram Micro Solution Center and Cisco Experience Center in Buffalo, N.Y., which allow partners to provide live DNA proof-of-concept demonstrations for customers and prospects. Pre- and post-sales support is available through Ingram Micro Partner Technical Enablement to assist during planning and implementation of the new DNA-ready network. Plus, Ingram Micro offers many other resources to help partners grow their practices, including XChange with Ingram Micro to encourage sales with product trade-ins. To learn more, contact your Ingram Micro Cisco team today.