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Give your customers’ IoT networks a Cisco DNA Advantage

Finally, there’s a way to manage customers’ growing networks within budget—and profitably.

June 15, 2020

Give your customers’ IoT networks a Cisco DNA Advantage
With software as a service (SaaS) driving multi-cloud and multi-domain trends, traditional perpetual licensing models are becoming obsolete. There needs to be a model that aligns cost-to-use with access to constant innovation. Enter Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). Cisco DNA is a software-defined approach for intent-based networking that’s available as a subscription model, giving your customers the confidence of always being up to date with the latest features and functionality at no additional cost. Plus, with Cisco DNA your customers’ software is not tied to their hardware, which makes it easier to adapt to evolving business needs with fewer hassles.
Cisco DNA offers three software suites: Cisco DNA for SD-WAN & Routing, Cisco DNA for Switching and Cisco DNA for Wireless. You can customize the level of security, extent of automation and troubleshooting capabilities of each suite by selecting from three different subscription tiers:
  1. Cisco DNA Essentials—delivers base automation, monitoring and management.
  2. Cisco DNA Advantage—delivers policy-based automation with SD-Access, monitoring and Cisco DNA Assurance.
  3. Cisco DNA Premier—delivers policy-based automation with SD-Access, Cisco DNA Assurance and enhanced security.
DNA Essentials or Advantage? Consider the DNA Assurance differentiator
Not sure whether you should go with the DNA Essentials subscription or one of the others, like DNA Advantage or Premier? The answer often comes down to how many IoT (Internet of Things) devices your team needs to manage.
As your customers’ networks expand and grow, their budgets don’t always grow at the same rate, which puts pressure on partners to do more without raising prices. Cisco DNA Assurance solves these challenges by eliminating manual troubleshooting operations and reducing the time spent resolving service issues. Cisco DNA Assurance turns your network devices into sensors, and then uses AI and machine learning to make sense out of all this data. The dashboard shows overall status and flags issues. Guided remediation then automates the process of issue resolution and performance enhancement to keep user experience at its optimal performance with less mundane troubleshooting work. With Cisco DNA Assurance, your staff can grow your network and still have time to take on the new IT projects that set your company apart from your competitors.
Unify your Cisco TOCs with an EA
By subscribing to Cisco DNA software with an Enterprise Agreement (EA), you’ll have unified terms and conditions across all your Cisco architectures (i.e., Enterprise Networking, Data Center, Collaboration and Security). Cisco’s EA makes software subscriptions easy to buy, manage and consume with one contract, one renewal date and one workspace to manage. 
Save 25% with a Cisco DNA Starter Kit
If you’re ready to get started with a Cisco DNA subscription, be sure to take advantage of the Cisco DNA Starter Kit promotion. The starter kit is a curated bundle that includes all appliances and devices required to introduce Cisco DNA in your production environment. Plus, you can receive up to 25 percent off when you bundle a Cisco DNA Center appliance with eligible access devices. Contact your Ingram Micro Cisco account manager for more information about this special offer, which expires July 25, 2020.