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Fast track your Meraki sales with this limited-time promotion

September 19, 2018

Fast track your Meraki sales with this limited-time promotion

To help keep its sales momentum going strong, Cisco recently added Meraki to its Fast Track (FT) incentive program, which includes discounted pricing on select Meraki SKUs, with no intervention from Meraki sales, through Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)

The promotion runs Sept. 4 through Oct. 27, 2018, and applies to the following Meraki SKUs:

  • Wireless: MR20, MR33, MR30H and MR70
  • Switching: MS220-8, MS220-8P
  • Security: MX64, MX64W, MX65, MX65W, Z1 and Z3 

By running FT deals through CCW, partners gain an easier ordering process with no approvals required and no deal ID required. Plus, partners receive FT pricing upfront, and this promotion can be stacked with other incentive programs, such as the Opportunity Incentive program, Teaming Incentive program and Value Incentive Program.

What if you’re not yet a registered Cisco partner?

Ingram Micro partners who aren’t registered Cisco partners must register right away by visiting the Cisco On Course portal and following these three steps:

  1. Register your Ingram Micro account. You must have a cisco.com user ID and password to register as a Cisco partner. If you don’t have one, apply for one here.
  2. Log in and start partner registration. Begin the partner registration process by clicking Customer Profile Manager and following the instructions.
  3. Unlock your benefits. Start taking advantage of the benefits of being a Cisco partner (outlined here).

For those new to using CCW, here are shortcuts to several resources:

Contact your Ingram Micro account rep for more information about Meraki Fast Track and check out the Ingram Micro Cisco enablement landing page to participate in instructor-led Webex conferences covering the latest Cisco products, services and special offers.