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Don’t Neglect Your Customers’ Mobility Needs

June 19, 2017

Don’t Neglect Your Customers’ Mobility Needs

The latest research from CompTIA shows that companies’ attitudes and acceptance of personal mobile devices in the workplace is maturing. According to the study, 76% of workers report splitting their work time between office and home and 47% of workers say they travel for work 50% or more of the time during their normal workweek. Mobile devices, not workstations, are needed in this “work from anywhere” environment.

Looking across the spectrum of businesses — from small firms (less than 100 employees) to large firms (500+ employees) — reveals that 49% or more have at least partial BYOD initiatives in place.

A survey by GFI Software revealed that more than 95% of workers admitted using public Wi-Fi connections at least once a week during their commutes to carry out work-related tasks, such as sending and receiving email, reviewing and editing documents and accessing company servers. More than one-third (34.2%) reported that they accessed public Wi-Fi at least 20 times per week.

Additionally, many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that off-the-shelf wireless access points and routers are “good enough” for their business, which inevitably leads to bandwidth bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities.

Earlier this year, Cisco launched the Mobility Express Bundle to help Cisco channel partners address small to midsize businesses’ mobility needs and challenges. Built on the latest 802.11ac standard, Cisco Mobility Express Bundle includes two Cisco Aironet (1700, 2700, or 3700) Access Points, one Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller, and 25 access point licenses. Each Mobility Express Bundle offers an easy to configure solution that supports a broad range of applications without performance and security compromises — and at a price that’s 80% less expensive than buying each component separately!

Cisco partners who purchase Cisco mobility products and solutions through Ingram Micro gain the added benefit of working with a dedicated staff of Cisco experts who are available to help with product selection, demonstrations, certifications, and advice on complementary solutions and services (e.g. mobile device management solutions, wireless network assessments).

Mobile solutions are a mission-critical component to your customers’ businesses. Contact your Ingram Micro account manager today and find out how the Cisco Mobility Express Bundle and other complementary solutions and services from Ingram Micro can address these business needs — and your revenue growth goals.