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Cisco Meraki Wireless or Cisco Mobility Express: What’s the better choice for your SMB customers?

August 22, 2017

Cisco Meraki Wireless or Cisco Mobility Express: What’s the better choice for your SMB customers?

To help partners better meet SMB customers’ Wi-Fi needs, Cisco offers partners two options: Cisco Mobility Express and Cisco Meraki Wireless. Cisco Mobility Express is specifically designed to deliver enterprise class Wi-Fi for SMBs and it’s simple enough to configure so users can typically configure the solution over-the-air via the Cisco Wireless App in under 10 minutes.

Cisco Meraki Wireless is also packed with many features SMBs are looking for, including devices that automatically connect to the Cisco Meraki cloud over SSL, so you can register with your customers’ networks and download their configurations. Meraki gives customers complete visibility and control over their entire network via the web, and it enables users to configure devices, run diagnostics and view reports with just a few clicks. So, how can partners know when to lead with Meraki and when to lead with Mobility Express?

While both solutions can be deployed and configured in minutes, they’re designed for organizations with little or no IT staff and they both support Cisco advanced practices and the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard out of the box, here are three criteria to help you determine which solution to lead with:

  1. Your customers’ cloud strategies. Are your customers currently using data center-hosted business apps with no plans to move to the cloud, or are they comfortable with cloud-based services? If the answer is the former, then you’ll want to lead with Cisco Mobility Express, which uses the perpetual licensing model. If it’s the latter, then Cisco Meraki Wireless is the better fit, which features an all-inclusive subscription licensing model and tools.
  2. How it will be managed. If your customers have multiple locations, and each location will be responsible for managing the wireless network, then Cisco Mobility Express may be the better choice, as it features onsite, over-the-air deployment with remote site-by-site management. However, if they’d like central management, provisioning and visibility via a web dashboard then Cisco Meraki Wireless is the better choice.
  3. Their current wireless investments. If your customers have already invested in Cisco wireless and switching and Cisco Prime products and don’t require more than 25 access points per site, then you should lead with Cisco Mobility Express. If they’re already invested in Meraki networking and/or they’re looking to expand to thousands of access points, then Cisco Meraki Wireless will be the better fit.

If a customer seems like a better fit for Meraki, but they have concerns over the reliability of a cloud solution, Meraki’s 99.99% uptime SLA (service level agreement)—supported by a highly available cloud and a design that allows the network to function even if the connection to the cloud is interrupted—will help you address those objections. The solution is also highly secure—including best-in-class intrusion prevention, firewall and malware protection—and is certified PCI Level 1 for use in retail and is HIPAA compliant for healthcare applications.

Ingram Micro makes it even easier for Cisco partners to sell and support Cisco wireless solutions with its Cisco-dedicated business unit. This team of more than 125 sales, market development and technical support associates is actively involved in $2.5 billion of Cisco revenue sold annually through the distributor. Additionally, Ingram Micro pays Cisco partners’ freight fees and offers flexible financing opportunities, all-expense-paid educational and product boot camps, dedicated pre-sales and field technical support, additional configure-to-order capabilities and more.

Learn more about Ingram Micro’s support for Cisco partners at the Cisco Experience Center and Solution Center.