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Cisco DNA Center: making virtualized, programmable networks a reality

May 28, 2019

Cisco DNA Center: making virtualized, programmable networks a reality
What if you had a system to view and manage everything in your customers’ networks? And what if you could respond to network security incidents within a few hours rather than the industry average—150 days? Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) can give you all this and more.
The goal of Cisco DNA is to enable intent-based networking, which is where the network continually learns, adapts and protects users. Within the intuitive network is a variety of components, including Software-Defined Access (SDA), a capability that combines the power of policy-based networking, intelligent network fabric and automation to make intent-based networking a reality. SDA makes the network look like a large virtual switch to the users and devices connecting to it. Establishing a layer of virtualization for the end user and the network node is becoming increasingly necessary to manage the growth of people and devices getting on to the network. Virtualization allows for agility and flexibility in ways that previously were unavailable.
SDA also enables security and segmentation within the network, making it intuitive to segment your network of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, guest devices and user devices within a single, converged infrastructure. SDA combines wired and wireless networks within the intelligent network fabric and makes it easier to seamlessly roam anywhere in the network while providing uninterrupted mobility services to the end user. It also enables IT teams to offer customized services to different lines of business.
Key features and functions of Cisco DNA Center
Cisco DNA Center is the network management system, foundational controller and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco’s intent-based network. Beyond device management and configuration, Cisco DNA Center gives IT teams the ability to control access through policies using SDA, automatic provisioning through Cisco DNA Automation, device virtualization through Cisco Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and lower security risks through segmentation and Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA).
Additionally, Cisco DNA Assurance collects streaming telemetry from devices around the network to help ensure alignment of network operation with business intent. In doing this, Cisco DNA Assurance optimizes network performance, enforces network policies and reduces time spent on mundane troubleshooting tasks. Cisco DNA Center provides 360-degree extensibility with a broad ecosystem of partners and ISVs that allow you to make your customers’ networks agile and in tune with their business priorities. Cisco’s DNA Center is the only centralized network management system to bring all of this functionality into a single pane of glass, enabling IT pros to:
  • Hide complexity: Cisco DNA Center hides the complexity of manual operation that made the network difficult to operate, error prone, inefficient and nonscalable so that the network is easy and efficient to operate at scale.
  • Break silos: Cisco DNA Center breaks the traditional silos of wired, wireless and WAN, enabling the network to operate as a cohesive whole. 
  • Enable cross-domain interworking: Cisco DNA Center connects with campus, data center, security, collaboration and other domains to enable smooth cross-domain interworking.
  • Bridge to the past: Cisco DNA Center seamlessly bridges your current and future networks by supporting both new and existing deployments.
How can Cisco DNA Center accelerate organizations’ digital transformation?
By making networks more virtualized and programmable, Cisco DNA Center allows quick changes to keep enterprise networks in sync with business process requirements, allowing quick introductions, modifications and deletions of business applications. Cisco DNA Center exposes APIs (application program interfaces) that enable integration with external applications. Using these APIs, these applications can further automate networks to keep pace with changing business needs. This is particularly useful to organizations that are transforming themselves digitally and require their networks to be agile and support rapid changes.
To learn more about Cisco DNA Center, visit SalesConnect for Partners.