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Cisco Connected Health: Enabling digital transformation in healthcare

October 10, 2017

Cisco Connected Health: Enabling digital transformation in healthcare

As part of the shift, many healthcare businesses are investing in digital transformation (DX) solutions. According to research from IDC, 42%, 37% and 36% of the technology initiatives of U.S. life sciences organizations, healthcare providers and healthcare payers, respectively, are driven by DX, which in turn will help them achieve their goals and address the challenges facing these three industry segments.

Healthcare transformation requires connected ecosystem

Today’s patients are hyperconnected mobile users who expect experiences like remote consultations, in-room services and location-aware mobile services. Today’s staff wants a secure digital environment that empowers them to be more efficient and provide better service, with access to the systems they need from any location at any time.

Cisco Connected Health is built on the foundation of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture for Healthcare (DNA for Healthcare), which uses several Cisco-validated designs applied in ways that address the unique characteristics of healthcare and enabling a collaborative healthcare ecosystem, including:

  • Streamlined workflows and improved communication among clinicians with Cisco Clinical Workflow Solutions. Incorporating solutions such as Cisco Extended Care, which integrates video with an EMR (electronic medical record) system’s telehealth workflows, enabling seamless and streamlined remote care.
  • Improved security, reliability and regulatory compliance with Cisco Healthcare Technology Foundations, which facilitates secure access to network resources and applications from any location in order to promote security best practices that meet regulatory compliance goals, such as HIPAA, and help improve patient care and response times as well as operational efficiency.
  • Optimized imaging workflow and image access with Cisco Connected Imaging Solutions, which combines technologies from Cisco and its healthcare partners to deliver imaging as a service from via a medical grade network. Images are virtualized and optimized in a medical archive, making them available anywhere across a healthcare enterprise, dramatically reducing the overhead for extra storage in siloed imaging applications. And it can dramatically improve a clinician's access to data in a timely fashion, which ultimately reduces the time to diagnose images.
  • Better clinical care unbounded by distance, physical location or setting with Cisco Care-at-a-Distance Solutions, such as Cisco TelePresence for Healthcare, Cisco Collaboration and Reporting, and Cisco Expert on Demand. In addition to making collaboration simpler, these solutions promote effective, efficient image consultations with radiologists and physicians and help healthcare providers establish real-time communication with on-demand audioconferencing and videoconferencing.
  • Reduced capital and operating expenses of hospital facilities with Cisco Smart Healthcare Facility Solutions, which includes Cisco Connected Real Estate for Healthcare. Outmoded hospitals, increasing competition and an aging population continue to boost construction of new hospitals and wings. Essential considerations in the design of these facilities Include technology, optimized workflow and capacity planning. The Cisco Connected Real Estate for Healthcare framework helps address these challenges.

To learn more about the digital transformation (a component of IZATION) trend, Ingram Micro and Cisco would like to invite reseller partners to attend a single-day, instructor-led live event, “Cisco IZATION Road Show Series,” on Thursday, Oct. 19, at the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa in St. Charles, Mo. Each reseller partner is encouraged to send multiple individuals from their company—technical/sales engineer and business owner/sales focused.  The IZATION content covered throughout this event will be applicable for all roles.