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Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches and the mobile explosion

May 21, 2019

Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches and the mobile explosion
Wi-Fi technology as we know it is about to get a significant upgrade by the end of this year once the 802.11ax standard (also known as Wi-Fi 6) is finalized. In addition to supporting the 5.0-GHz band like Wi-Fi 5, the new standard will support 2.4-GHz enhancements as well as multiuser MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) upstream and downstream, up to 8x8x8 (referring to eight transmitting antennas, eight receiving antennas and eight spatial streams). Wi-Fi 6 also supports 1024-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation), which enables a 25% data rate increase (throughput) over the previous standard.
Within the next two years, Cisco predicts there will be 4.1 billion global internet users and 26.3 billion networked devices and connections. Additionally, 80% of all IP traffic will be video, and there will be a 6x increase in mobile traffic between 2016 and 2021. The proliferation of wireless IoT (Internet of Things) devices and IP networks requires channel IT partners to take a new approach to mobility and wireless.
Cisco’s Catalyst 9000 series of networking devices will play key roles in your customers’ evolving and expanding wireless needs, including the need for intent-based networking with a modern programmable OS optimized for Wi-Fi 6 and 5G traffic, automation, analytics, policy enforcement and security. 
The new Catalyst 9600 modular core switch addresses the demands of Wi-Fi 6, multigigabit (mGig) speeds and security in a cloud-driven world. This switch will serve as a foundation for the next generation of multi-domain, intent-based networks and will allow customers to create a wireless-first network built as a single fabric for wired and wireless.
To complement the new switch designed for the wireless enterprise, Cisco’s also launching new Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs): Cisco Catalyst 9100s and Cisco Meraki MR 45/55. With options that have custom, programmable chipsets and access to new analytics capabilities, these APs deliver a smarter and more secure wireless network. They are also multilingual, with the ability to communicate with multiple IoT protocols, including BLE, Zigbee and Thread.
Catalyst 9000 differentiators that matter most
Cisco-based networks have moved data for 80% of the internet for the last three decades. But we didn’t just move it, we studied it and worked to understand it so we could evolve with changing network demands. When it comes to designing switches for today’s network, Cisco Catalyst products offer:
  • True security differentiation. Each Catalyst product features advanced security capabilities that can help provide segmentation and microsegmentation, identify trustworthy systems, and detect malware and threats—even on encrypted traffic.
  • IoT scalability. With Cisco Catalyst you get unique device identification capabilities to increase security, perpetual POE (power over Ethernet), IEEE 1588 AVB (audio video bridging) as well as container-based application hosting and software patching for IoT projects.
  • Cloud readiness. Each Catalyst product comes with a complete DevOps kit and offers the ability to stream telemetry of locally enriched data and the ability to host cloud-tethered, security or network applications. 
To learn more about Catalyst 9000 networking products and the 802.11ax wireless standard, join Ingram Micro for a one-hour Webex conference on Tuesday, May 21, at 1 p.m. ET. Register for Wi-Fi 6 and Cisco Wireless Evolution today.