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5 reasons to build your networking strategy on DNA

December 12, 2017

5 reasons to build your networking strategy on DNA

Traditional network security tools and strategies are failing. And that’s why Cisco continues to distinguish itself from the pack with its Digital Network Architecture (DNA), an open, software-driven, service-centric solution. Cisco DNA includes an automation platform and applications, an array of cloud-based management services, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure software. If you’re not currently protecting your customers with Cisco DNA, here are five reasons you should be:

  1. An edge that can sense—and enforce. The network edge is your customer’s first line of defense—where policy is applied to determine who or what has access to their network and to sense suspicious activity—even in encrypted traffic. With so much potential for infiltration, it’s critical to have a trusted solution (e.g., Cisco Stealthwatch) to identify and control what gets on the network.
  2. Deeper data and faster insights. Configured properly, the network offers a wealth of knowledge about what’s happening in an organization. Cisco DNA solutions (e.g., Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance) provide granular insight into network users, including the devices they’re using and the applications they’re accessing—all with the ability to learn and adapt to changes and needs in the network.
  3. The evolution of automation. With more users and devices being added to the network, automation is more important than ever. Cisco DNA solutions (e.g., DNA Center) enable IT pros to design, provision and apply network policies easily. Plus, network virtualization helps partners manage networks and policies by user type, allowing for quick launches and faster threat detection.
  4. Transform mobile experiences. Your customers want to be connected to their networks whether they’re in the office, at home or somewhere in between—and whether they’re on a work device or their personal smartphones. Cisco teamed up with Apple to deliver a better mobile experience built on optimized Wi-Fi and roaming. With the new DNA network, Cisco’s making it easier to control and improve customer and employee experiences with the network edge.
  5. Grow at tomorrow’s pace. Designed with the future of computing in mind, Cisco DNA prepares the network to add new functionality and adapt at digital speed. Get purpose-built programmable platforms with full fabric control designed for security, mobility, IoT and cloud with Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switches. And get plenty of room for innovation.