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3 reasons customers choose a Cisco Meraki Cloud-Based wireless solution

September 19, 2017

3 reasons customers choose a Cisco Meraki Cloud-Based wireless solution

Channel partners need to help their clients sort through a variety of options to find wireless solutions that address their unique needs and that are reliable, easily managed and budget-friendly. One choice is Cisco Meraki, a complete, cloud-based, networking solution that includes switching; security; WAN optimization; mobile device management; analytics; and integrated hardware, software and cloud services.  

Here are three signs your next meeting with a client about wireless solutions should include a discussion about Cisco Meraki:

  1. Distributed sites. If your client relies on mobile devices in a number of remote locations, Cisco Meraki enables centralized management, provisioning and deployment. It gives managers visibility over the company’s entire network and allows them to monitor, troubleshoot and update devices anytime from an internet-connected device. This capability eliminates the need for IT staff at satellite locations.
  2. Cost objections. Meraki is offered through an all-inclusive subscription licensing model—with no hidden fees—that addresses customer concerns over hardware, licensing and oversight costs. It is not only an ideal solution for cash-strapped midsize businesses, it can also have substantial ROI for corporations and enterprises. It features Intelligent WAN, a collection of Cisco technologies and products that enable transport independence, intelligent path control, application optimization and secure connectivity. IWAN provides users with an answer for rising MPLS costs by enabling them to use low-cost internet service and maintain MPLS-like reliability. An example presented at Cisco Live! illustrated how a large insurance company was able to reduce telco spend by 40% using the solution.
  3. Growth on the horizon. For businesses that need to upgrade their wireless solutions now, but know expansion, new devices, or new applications are in their future, Meraki can provide the answer. The solution scales easily, so managers can add new devices or sites in minutes, and it can support thousands of access points. This is a great selling point for organizations deploying or planning to deploy IoT solutions.

If a customer has concerns over the reliability of a cloud solution, Meraki’s 99.99% uptime SLA—supported by a highly available cloud and a design that allows the network to function even if the connection to the cloud is interrupted—will help you address those objections. The solution is also highly secure—including best-in-class intrusion prevention, firewall and malware protection—and is certified PCI Level 1 for use in retail and is HIPAA compliant for healthcare applications.

As a complete solution that addresses your customers’ pain points and is available through convenient subscription pricing, Cisco helps channel partners grow their businesses with Meraki. Ingram Micro makes it even easier for Cisco partners to sell and support Cisco wireless solutions with its Cisco-dedicated business unit. This team of more than 125 sales, market development and technical support associates is actively involved in $2.5 billion of Cisco revenue sold annually through the distributor. Additionally, Ingram Micro pays Cisco partners’ freight fees and offers flexible financing opportunities, all-expense-paid educational and product boot camps, dedicated pre-sales and field technical support, additional configure-to-order capabilities and more.

Learn more about Ingram Micro’s support for Cisco partners at the Cisco Experience Center and Solution Center